£200 A Day Fast Track Workshop

I know that in many respects I am not like most Internet Marketers.



I have very little formal education
I am even more dyslexic than Richard Branson
I have an appalling memory for just about everything
I have never worked in a large corporation

But that hasn’t held me back from making a fair bit of money from Internet Marketing.

What is different about me, and something that I share with the best performing Internet Marketers, is I follow a simple process ( and I teach it)

I take action

I love finding out about and testing cool stuff

Sadly many Internet Marketers don’t take action and don’t follow the simple steps.

And I want you ( if you are one of those) to be one of the people I sign cheques for, or do bank transfers for, for amounts in 4 figures, and sometimes even 5 !! each month.

Yes, that is absolutely true,one month I signed a cheque for over $10,000 for someone I had trained and was acting as an affiliate for me.

So trust me, I know it can be done.
I know what I teach works.
Would you like to meet that person ?

So what holds people back ?

Too much information and not knowing where to start ?
Being interested in knowing the cool stuff but not using it ?
Being distracted by other things and thinking you will get round to it (tomorrow ?)
Preferring to work in a group or team ?
Needing to be held accountable by someone other than yourself ?

Well I have put together an event for people just like you…
It takes place on the 12/13/14 june
Its in London at the Thistle Hotel Marble Arch

And it’s a great opportunity to get started, meet the people who are making 4 figures and more each month, get your own action plan, and (if that is what works for you) a friend to hold you accountable as you put it into action.

You know me.

You know I don’t teach out of date stuff..
You know my products and strategies all work.
And you know when I say something doesn’t work you know I have used my own money and time to test it.

Don’t let this chance pass you by.

I only have a limited number of spaces and I want to fill them with people who are going to use what I teach to change their life for the better.

Is that you ?

Go here to book your seat :-)
I am really looking forward to seeing you,

all the best,
Sarah Staar
PS One guy booked early and is flying in from Oz….

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