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Very few people realise that it can be very profitable to promote affiliate products on public holidays.

I’ve always had tremendous success promoting products on Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

In fact I promoted one of my webinars a couple weeks ago on Thanksgiving. I must have had over a hundred emails from people asking me why I was promoting such an event on Thanksgiving.

Well as it turns out it was one of my most successful webinars to date and I had over 200 American attendees?? (And the conversion rate was good as well !)

This all started in 2009 when I promoted a high-end $2000 affiliate product on New Year’s Day. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to sell any products especially at that price.

This was a $2000 home study course that was shipped out to the clients, it was actually a ClickBank product believe it or not.

Anyway I ended up selling three, which gave me an affiliate commission of around $3000.

A $3000 New Year bonus….

Ever since then I’ve always promoted products on public holidays and done very well. It’s a great time to promote as other marketers don’t seem to send out emails on public holidays? So you end up with the market to yourself!

And think about the buyer psychology, people aren’t at work and are sitting around the house getting bored, and probably looking for an excuse to get away from annoying friends, relatives, and neighbours – not to mention the kids !!

So if you’re looking to make a little extra cash this year at Christmas I strongly advise promoting affiliate products on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (that’s the day after Christmas), and New Year’s Day.




Want to meet up in New York on Monday?

On Sunday I’m flying to New York. I’ll only be there a day as I just need to sign some papers at the bank. Anyway I be in Manhattan all day Monday the 15th. If you want to meet up for lunch or something reply to this email.




Moving out of London

Two weeks ago I finally moved out of London into my new office on the south coast of England. I’m actually within walking distance of the beach!!

(Great for summer – not so good in winter !)

I love sitting in my new office looking out of the window at the view and watching the seagulls fly past.

One major difference that I have noticed is that everybody is so polite, especially when you go into a shop. The other thing is it’s so quiet, no traffic, no police sirens all day and all night, and no pollution….

I’m thinking about doing a south coast meet up once a month if you’re interested reply to this email, let me know if you have any locations in mind….
(Anywhere from Brighton to Southampton)




The London Meetup is back

As some of you may know I used to run a monthly meet up in central London. Well as of January I’m going to be starting the London meet up again.

The format is, a one-hour presentation by me -which is always pure content – and then the rest of the evening is networking.

Currently looking for a venue somewhere in central London which can hold between 60 and hundred people if you know of anywhere please reply to this email let me know.



Replace your Job?

You may wonder how I got started online and what was the real secret to my success?

Well it was all down to three action points I wrote down on a piece of paper at a live networking event.

I’ve made a short video explaining exactly what happened

Go to the video now:-)



10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

Everyone watches movies at Christmas..
So here are a few to get you in the entrepreneurial mind-set.

This is a sort of tongue-in-cheek list as not all of the ways people make money are legal.
(Do not try this at home.. if you do you may find Police and National Security breaking down your doors !!)

The Social Network
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Wall Street
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Trading places
Rogue Trader
The Wolf of Wall Street
Middle Men
Catch Me If You Can

all the best,


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Old versus new?

You know, we get so caught up in the hurly burly of life and all the latest hi-tech toys, all the new stuff.

The new Tech.
The new systems and processes.
(All that stuff)

That sometimes we forget what life was like before.
What was life like before the mobile phone ?
What was life like before the smartphone even ?
(How did you call someone when they were in the car ?)
(How did you track your emails when you were out of the office ?)

What was life like before Online banking ?
(How did you pay money to someone ?)
(How did you pay bills ?)

Now this is not an argument for turning off the internet and all the advances in the last 40 years, but don’t you sometimes wish life wasn’t so complicated ?

I mean life still went on quite happily without using mobile phones, and when we had real banks you visited to pay real money into.

Don’t you sometimes think the tech we have is more complicated than it needs to be ?

Like – do you remember the days when electical goods came with printed manuals that you could read and understand ?? (instead of a cd rom that needs another bit of tech to use…)

Like – do you remember vinyl and what it sounded like, compared to a CD ?

Like – do you remember the first computers and how we all learnt to do Basic or C++ programming to make the damn things do anything ? But also how easy they were to upgrade, and how your games still worked after they had been upgraded ?

I thought this video makes the point really well


Check it out..
Makes you think a bit…
The same can be true with Internet marketing, all the bright shiny new techniques and methods can seem very attractive.

But when it comes down to it the traditional marketing methods are still the best. There are three steps to making money in most markets.

Sending traffic to a squeeze page
building your email list
communicating with your list and selling them stuff….

Take traffic for an example. One of my favourite free traffic techniques is forum marketing. This is something I learned back in 2008 and it is still incredibly relevant today.

Please Note, you should never spam in a forum, what you do is……

Set up a forum signature which links to your website, squeeze page or offer.

Then you start answering people’s questions on the forum and become known as the resident expert.

If you spend an hour a day answering people’s questions on the forum you won’t believe the amount of traffic which you can get. If you don’t know the answer to a question simply Google it….. By the way this is excellent task you can give to an outsourcer….


Traffic Webinar replay

If you’re interested in more traffic techniques I posted the replay of the webinar I did last week with traffic expert Greg Cesar.

This was a fascinating webinar where Greg detailed exactly where he gets his traffic from.

An especially fascinating side of this was the section on YouTube paid adverts. I’m not talking about those annoying adverts that play before you watch a video, I’m talking about advertising alongside the video.

The cool thing about this is, right now very few people are utilising this and as a result the adverts are incredibly cheap, $0.01 – $0.10 per click for example..

If you are interested then check it out now because the replay will be taken down this Friday

If you’re interested in getting free and paid traffic to your blog or affiliate offer then you need to see this webinar.


Work with Sarah Staar one-on-one

I’ve decided to open up my coaching for a very limited time, in fact i only have two spots available.

If you’re really serious about making a full-time living online and want to take things to the next level the click on the link below.

Well, got to go now as I’m super busy packing boxes and organising the removal men….

Yes I’m moving house… I’ve decided to move out of London.

I need a place where I can park the car properly and where I can see more than the house over the road.

More about that in my next newsletter……..
Talk soon,


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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – How fast can i drive?

Online video is probably one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website or just simply to get your message out there.

When I first started making serious money with affiliate marketing one of my favourite free traffic techniques was with YouTube video marketing.

The process was as follows:

I would make a really simple video talking about the product.
Upload the video to YouTube.
Do some simple back linking to the video to get it ranked in Google.

I made literally tens of thousands of dollars promoting ClickBank products back in 2009 – 2010 using video.

This worked so well because back then YouTube was growing massively and Google was ranking YouTube videos with very little effort from my part.

The interesting thing is, right now the same thing is happening with Facebook and video.

You may have noticed recently that an awful lot of video is suddenly appearing on your Facebook timeline. A lot of them even auto play.

Facebook recently announced that the growth in video views exceeded 50% from May through July of this year, and since June there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day!!!

What does this mean for us?

What this means is Facebook is taking on YouTube big time, and they are giving priority to Facebook posts that include video.

But the big news this week is that you can now put a call to action link that is clickable at the end of your video.

As soon as your video has stopped playing a call to action button pops up with a link to your website, pretty cool.


To add a clickable link to a video all you need to do is,

Create a Facebook page if you don’t have one already.
Create a new post and upload a video, not a YouTube video.
Once you’ve selected your video you will see a Add a Call to Action link. There is a drop-down menu where you can select a button  and a space where you can entering your website address.

That’s basically it when the video finishes playing the screen changes and your button appears with a link to your web-site.

This is something I’m going to be experimenting with a lot over the next few weeks. I think there is  a lot of scope for making some serious money using video on Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts….





Open Track Day – How fast can i drive?

A week or so ago I was hammering round Brands Hatch on an open track day (for those of you in the US, Brands Hatch is a smallish racing circuit just south of London currently used for motorbike and saloon car races, very twisty and not an oval !).

The process the organisers used got me thinking.

The first part of the day was taken up with a driver briefing about how to drive the track and what to do if…….

The second part of the day was 3 laps of the circuit going round behind a car driven by an instructor, the idea being to learn the proper lines to take and the braking points.

The third part of the day was basically zipping around the track with all the other cars, learning the track and the limits of the car and basically just having fun !!

One of the highlights for me was having a chat with one of the instructors and listening to them tell me some of the tricks and tips for how to get round the track really quick.

And that advice really worked.

Which got me to thinking…

There are so many things in life where learning from others, being taught how to do things, like driving a car or flying a plane, are absolutely essential.

And especially if you really want to succeed and do so quickly.

So how come so many internet marketers are happy to buy products.. but not buy the coaching to learn how to use them properly ??

Isnt that the equivalent of buying a car, but not learning how to drive it properly…?

Which then led me to think about creating my own accelerated results programme, given that so many of you have emailed me recently asking about 1 on 1 dedicated coaching.

 So look out for a special email from me later this week about my coaching programme.



Cool 3-D movies:

A few months ago Dave and I went to our local IMAX cinema and watched an amazing film called Gravity.

Now until I watched Gravity I wasn’t really a big fan of 3-D, but I must say the 3-D experience whilst watching this film was incredible.

If you haven’t seen Gravity it’s well worth watching. It’s a seat of your pants action packed film that has some absolutely out of this world special effects.

Yesterday Dave and I watched Gravity again at home on 3-D Blu-ray. Now I really wasn’t expecting it to be very good on the 55 inch television. I was totally wrong it’s still amazing film to watch even on the small screen.

If you get a chance to see Gravity in 3-D at home or in the cinema you won’t be disappointed, its one of those movies where you think its only 1 hour or so when in reality its twice that long but you get so into it time flies by…

all the best,


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