A Little Known Shortcut

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For me internet marketing is all about building assets that will continue
to generate income for years to come.

And one thing I do each month is create at least 2 to 3 new websites.
I always try to build at least one AdSense site, one affiliate review
website and one website that helps build my email list.

One thing that gives me a massive advantage over my competition is
that my new websites get ranked in Google very quickly.

That’s because I use a little known shortcut – aged domain names. I buy
domain names that already have Google page rank, backlinks, and in
some cases traffic.

That’s right you can actually buy aged domain names for about $10 that
already have Google page rank, back links, and so forth. These domain
names are trusted by Google because they have been around for
several years – up to 10 years old.

It can be quite tricky finding these domain names, you have to be quite
patient and have quite a bit of luck on your side.
But there is a shortcut….

One service I’ve been using for a while now Is called Domain Profit Sniper.

They provide an amazing new tool that will actually find you aged domain
names that have page rank and a steady flow of traffic.

Check it out at the link below…..


If you want a head start and a way to beat your competition and not
have to wait months to get your website ranked in Google then
buying aged domain names is definitely a safe way to go.


James Bond Skyfall

I’m going out this afternoon to see the new James Bond film Skyfall at my
local IMAX cinema in the West End of London.

I’ve heard that this is one of the best James Bond films , I’ve never
actually seen a James Bond film on a super huge IMAX screen
before so it should be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

One thing I love about being a full-time Internet marketer is I can just
take the afternoon off and go and see a movie at my local cinema.

Anyway I’ll let you know what this latest Bond film is like.

The End OF SEO???

Wow !! I was on a forum this weekend and somebody had posted a
post about panda and Penguin updates and how this was the
end of SEO.

Well, all I can say is yes it is probably the end of spam SEO, but if you
apply some simple common sense then SEO is actually quite simple.

Always get your backlinks’ from high quality sources and always use 100%
original content, if you do this you simply can’t go wrong and Google will
never penalise you.

It certainly works for me, I get my backlinks from relevant websites using
high quality 100% original content.

Like most things if you take shortcuts and try some sort of Spammy
software which will generate thousands of backlinks overnight
then, yes, you might run into problems.

If you put high quality content on your websites, regularly update your
websites, and only get high quality backlinks to your website you’ll still
be making money in a couple years time.

At the end of the day you need to think of Internet marketing as a
long-term strategy.

And there are strategies you can use that don’t rely on Google, which
makes for safer longer term strategies for your business.

Talk soon,



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