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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – Absolutely gob smacked

At 10pm on Wednesday I saw a post on Facebook advertising an Internet marketing meet up in Glasgow.  One of the things I love to do in life is make snap decisions. Personally I don’t see the point in thinking about something for days or weeks. I prefer to just get on with it and take massive action.


OK so I thought about it (for all of about 10 seconds !!) and then decided to set off the next morning for the first major road trip in my new Tesla electric car.








It was funny when I walked into the showroom last week to collect my new car, there was a big sheet over the car and a sign next to the car which said Sarah Staar’s Tesla.







The staff in the showroom gathered round and said 123 then pulled off the sheet to reveal the car.. Pretty cool hey…






If you’d like to see a video of the reveal it’s on my Facebook profile page.

The thing I love about Internet marketing is the freedom it gives you to do stuff when you want and how you want.

So I set off on Thursday morning and drove to my first stop, which was Bristol, (yes I know it’s not exactly en route !) to meet up with my good friend Deborah and chat about a project she is working on for me.

Now I got this Tesla just in time to take advantage of their free supercharger network.



So I charged the car up in Bristol at a supercharger point and was absolutely gob smacked at seeing a Volvo plugged into one of the Tesla chargers !!


What ???

This is like someone stealing your petrol at a service station….

I hope the person that owns AE17 TEY has a good reason for using a Tesla supercharger.

A second Tesla owner pulled up and we proceeded to have a conversation about this,  we were both rather puzzled…..

It’s quite funny really, I guess I’ve joined the Unofficial Tesla Club…  whenever I charge my car and there’s another Tesla owner at the charging station we seem to strike up a conversation…  great fun.

Glasgow is a bit of a hike up the road from Bristol, normally I wouldn’t even consider going that distance in a car – just too tiring.

But I paid for the autopilot feature in my Tesla and I’ve been testing it out on this trip, and yes the car actually steers itself!!!  kind of self driving…  I have to say it makes long trips much more bearable and actually quite fun.

And it’s very safe by the way..

The great thing is since the car is driving itself it’s giving me the time to catch up on reading some books…

Don’t worry I’m not actually physically reading them with my hands nowhere near the steering wheel !!

I’m using Audible, which is a service which reads books out to you.

This is an absolutely brilliant app to use if do any kind of long distance travelling.

This means driving a car is no-longer wasted downtime, we are now able to timeshift.

 So what books have I been reading on this trip ?

The Innovators



How a group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks created the digital Revolution.
This is a very interesting book and tells the story about how our world of Digital Tech came about.

I’ve only read about a quarter of the book so far, covering the development of the computer and the transistor. The lessons I’ve learnt so far from this book are :

– don’t try to do everything yourself,  surround yourself with experts and motivate those experts to do brilliant work for you.

– also don’t get stuck in your own ways of doing things,  be prepared to admit that you’re wrong and be prepared to change how you do things.



Anyone Can Do It – my story by Duncan Bannatyne

anyonecando it


I just started reading this book this morning,  but so far I’ve learnt :

– you don’t need to be first to the market with an idea,  you just need to do it better than anybody else.








Gotta go now as the  networking event is about to start,


Sarah Staar

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – Special Announcement

LondonMeetupFor a few years, until I moved out of London, I ran a monthly Internet Marketing evening event that was free to attend for absolutely anyone.

I remember we started off in a room in a pub called The Shooting Star near Liverpool street station, and then via a few other venues we finished up in a bar near London Bridge station, and then we ran the last few at the Strand Palace hotel.

So now….

I am re-starting it !

The first meeting is being held on Monday the 8th May 2017 at the Strand Palace Hotel, starts 8 o clock..

London Meetup 🙂

The format is pretty much the same as before, a format that saw us grow to about 100 people per event and outgrow 3 venues !

It starts with a brief introduction, then either myself or a guest speaker will speak on a topic of relevance to the Internet Marketing community for between 30 and 45 minutes

Followed by Questions and Answers…

And then Networking….

Its free of charge, and no sales pitches or anything.

Everyone is welcome, from Newbie to Professional…


And There is More….


I know not everyone lives in London and can make a Monday evening…


I am going to be holding Meetups in other parts of the country as well…

Manchester probably

Glasgow probably

So anyone interested in a monthly meetup in those cities, please please let me know.

London Meetup 🙂


And There is Still More….

About 60% of my customers (that’s you !) live outside the UK.

So I am making both an offer and a challenge.

If you set up a monthly meetup in your city with a decent number of people attending each and every month, then I will visit you at least once a year.

So Australia, West coast USA, East coast USA, South Africa, here I am, call me….

But There is Facebook ……

Yes there is.

Now I know it’s a bit old fashioned of me but I believe that Facebook only works if you have already met somebody.

Because when you talk to them on Facebook you have the real person in your mind’s eye when you pop a message to them.

If you think about the “Know, Like, Trust” process for a moment then communicating with a real person who you have never met via Facebook is lacking something

And that’s why I believe in meeting people face-to-face.

So I better know who you are.

And you better know who I am.

And that’s why I am prepared to put a lot of time and travel into meeting you.

It’s all about the quality of the experience.

Traffic Technique no-one Teaches – But Me

This weekend I was running a 100 club workshop for my coaching students, and then later on I was speaking at a little seminar in the same hotel laid on by Ben Fathers.

And it reminded me of one of the first Internet Marketing events I went to.

I think it was a Mark Anastasi pitch-fest event in Earls Court  – London.

You know, one of those events where a succession of people speak for 90 minutes and try to sell a £2000 product.

And there were about 500 people in the audience,I remember thinking, “wow, there are so many buyers here, how can I contact them with a free offer to get on my mailing list”.

Being an upright and honest person I asked Mark if i could issue a flyer.

He said “NO, but you can give out business cards”

So I went back home, found a local printer who would give me fast turnround, and had 500 business cards printed, with the business name on the front, and a free offer on the back.

I went back to the event in the afternoon next day, and gave out something like around 400 business cards.

And you know what ?

About 300 of those people joined my list and took advantage of the free offer that weekend ! And many of those are still with me, almost a decade later…

And I tell people to do that even now. But no-one was doing it at Ben’s event..

I still do it. This what my current business card looks like.



My first free meet up is planned for Monday evening, 8 May.

London Meetup 🙂





 (Eliminate grammar errors · Detect plagiarism · Easily improve any text)

A great suggestion by Nick who recommended this tool to me at Ben’s workshop this weekend.

Any tool which helps with spelling and grammar  I’m always interested in.

I’m currently using the free version which seems to work very well, I think I might try the paid version later this week…

Movies (Burt Reynolds week?)

I’ve got Almost 1500 movies In my movie collection at home.

burt reynoldsSometimes I like to watch  the old movies that I grew up with. So this week  I’ve been watching some Burt Reynolds movies.

You forget how good some of these films actually were, Deliverance for instance is still a fantastic movie even in 2017.

Burt Reynolds movies I’ve watched  this week,


Deliverance is still a powerful well-made film that doesn’t look out of date even today. Definitely worth  watching this film if you haven’t seen it before.





Smokey And The Bandit

Okay I must admit this is a bit of a cheesy movie, but it’s actually a film I’ve never seen from start to finish. I’ve only ever seen bits of it on TV. So this week I decided to sit down and watch the entire movie from start to finish and I have to say this film had me in fits of laughter which is always a good sign.

Boogie Nights

Any Burt Reynolds marathon wouldn’t be complete without probably the best film Burt Reynolds ever made – Boogie Nights. I just love this film and the amazing soundtrack, an amazing performance by Burt Reynolds and Philip Seymour Hoffman.


All the best,



Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – How Things Change

While I was doing some research for the Video Hacker Pro product I dug up lots of stuff about video.

 The most interesting was that more than 50% of video watched is on mobile devices, mainly smartphones.

And while a lot of it is short clips (under 10 minutes) more than half is videos of 30 minutes or longer.

And the reason why people are doing this is time-shifting.

If you are on a tube, bus, train, or just standing in a Starbucks queue, what is easier than just taking your headphones out and catching up on something ?

I know I download videos to my phone, either episodes from series, films, or instructional videos, and I watch them whenever I am in a waiting room – latterly when hanging around at an airport !!


Which has got me thinking….


How many of you are reading this Newsletter on your smartphone ?

How many of you are watching my videos on your smartphone ?

As you know, smartphones are becoming more and more common, for a lot of people it’s their main computer!!

smartphoneWhich probably explains why a few of you have emailed me and asked if I could create a Sarah Staar App.

No problem, this is something I’ve decided to put on the top of my to-do list.

But I need your help on this.

I don’t know what you guys might want to see in a Sarah Staar App ?

And what you would want to use it for ?





Some things that I think you might want are:

Easy access to my latest newsletters

Access to my newsletter archive

Weekly free Internet marketing videos

Audio Pod casts from Sarah Staar

Assume that the App will be free by the way…

So I can use your help!

I need to find out how many people would be interested in my new app…. So if this is something that interests you simply reply to this email, and insert the single word YES.

I will then get back to you and we can have a more focussed discussion about what you want to use it for and what you want it do !!

In preparation

I’m starting to get super excited as next week I get my new Tesla model S!

Now it doesn’t make much sense to get the car without having thought how you are going to charge it at home.


electricpointinstallSo in preparation I had a car charger installed in my driveway this morning!!

The guy that installed it said to me  “Sarah you now have a petrol station in your front garden”, which I thought was quite funny.

I opted to go for a Rolec home charging unit because of the modular design.

In this design the charger is made up of standard components which are available in pretty much any electrical wholesaler.


Most charges are sealed units and if something goes wrong when the warranty runs out you need to buy new charger!


Now, the great thing about having this charger installed was the government paid 75% of the installation cost!!

Which is great, but the application form for the government grant was a) very long and b) clearly hadn’t gone through the “Simple English” process !!

So it was a team effort with Dave and I filling the form out (on an

chargingpointIpad if you will)

This enabled me to get the 75% discount on the installation!!

Pretty cool considering that I also got a £5,000 grant from the government towards my new Tesla model S, and I don’t have to pay any road tax.

As a “by the way” I have also changed electricity supplier to Ecotricity, the main benefit being that I get to use a bunch of medium amperage chargers for free, and these chargers are scattered around the UK at more than 300 points.





How things change

When I first started marketing online I didn’t use Facebook, in fact I got all my information from Internet marketing forums, such as the Warrior Forum.

A couple of years ago the Warrior Forum was sold to “UpWork”  and, in my humble opinion, things started to go downhill.

Yesterday I logged onto the Warrior Forum, for the first time in six months and I was horrified.

The forum is now full of advertising, and they seem to have also removed forum signatures!!

It’s a real shame because the Warrior Forum used to be really good place to discover new marketing tactics.

Now it just seems to be full of junk.

Facebook groups seem to have taken over BUT I find Facebook Internet marketing groups a bit chaotic. It’s very difficult to find information, for instance with a forum you can do a simple keyword search for a topic and find all the forum threads to do with that subject.

You can’t really do this with Facebook.

I’m now in the process of looking for a new Internet marketing forum to join, or should I create my own??

Free Tools

Audio book app

Listen Audiobook Player


One of the things I love to do is listen to audiobooks, especially in the car. The service, or rather the app, which I use for this is called audible. It’s an Amazon service, which means you can buy audio books on Amazon and they are downloaded to the app on your phone.

The great thing is you can listen to the audio books at twice normal speed. Other cool features include things like, if you only listen to an hour of the audiobook, you can come back tomorrow, next week, or next year, and the App will remember where you last left off from.

For a long time now I’ve been looking for an app that would do a similar job except with downloaded MP3 audio files.

You see I’ve got loads of audio interviews, seminar recordings etc that I’d love to listen to in the car but it’s a bit impractical using the audio player that’s built into my phone.

Last week I discovered a brilliant new app called “listen audiobook player”. It costs about two dollars but is definitely worth the investment.

It seems to do all the things that audible does but with downloadable audio files, definitely well worth a look if you’ve got loads of audio files on your PC you’d love to listen to on your phone.

Must go now because I’ve just realised I spilt a small drop of coffee on my white sweater!!! I’d better run down to the washing machine!!


Talk soon,


Sarah Staar

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