Sarah Staar

The London Meetup – Live AdSense Demonstration

Every month I hold a free networking event in central London called the London Meetup.

The event starts at 6:30 PM I start the evening off with a one-hour live training session followed by a Q&A. the rest of the evening is pure networking and socialising, by the way this is not a pitch-fest event so don’t worry no hard sells….

We normally have around 70 – 80 people at the event and the best part is its completely free to attend. So if you’d like to attend please click on the link below and sign up I would love to see their.


This month my presentation is going to be all about AdSense.  So if you’d like to learn how to generate a second income using AdSense or just like to do some general networking or arranged some joint ventures with like-minded people then I would love to  have you come along to the London Meetup.


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$20,00 In Sales Using YouTube ?

One of the things I love about video marketing and especially
YouTube marketing is that you don’t need a website and in some
cases you don’t even need to make a video.

Also getting your content ranked in the Google search “SEO”
is an absolute breeze with video compared to traditional

That’s why I created – The YouTube Hijack – in this 3 module
video course I detail the exact strategies that I use to promote
Clickbank products using YouTube.

One of the methods I describe in the course earned me over
$20,000 last year in Clickbank sales alone.

So if you want to see some of my video marketing insider secrets
be sure to check out my new product the YouTube hijack.

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AdSense – Website Category’s And Content

In today’s video I show you the resource I use to outsourcing articles. I also show you exactly how to organise your website categories and how to come up with the best names for your categories.

I’ve also answered a few of your questions as well as show some more top resources to use with AdSense websites.

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