Sarah Staar IM newsletter – Did Trump Use Pattern Interrupt ?

usa voteIs there anything to Trump’s success, other than he just simply found a group of voters that had been ignored by everyone else, politicians and media especially ?

Some of his interviews have been very revealing, to those of us who are into “why” stuff actually works.

Whether you are for or against Donald Trump you need to take a step back  and think hard about how he actually managed to pull it off, especially when everything was so stacked against him.

Let’s look at the cold facts for a moment….



Start with Hilary Clinton:

$1.4 B available to spend to give a huge amount of advertising and on-air presence

Lots of celebrities endorsing her

Lots of established politicians endorsing her

Decades of experience in politics and in government office

Now look at Donald Trump;

$795M budget to spend on advertising, way less than Hilary

Very few celebrities endorsing him

Virtually no established politicians  endorsing him

No experience in politics and never worked in government

Logically he should have lost by miles, and that was what the pollsters and the pundits predicted, but events turned out somewhat different.

So how did Donald Trump win the election?

Part of the reason is that he used massive pattern interrupt.

He tried to stand out from the crowd as much as he could!! And that means saying outrageous things…. and he admitted this in an interview with one of the major American networks.


I use pattern interrupt quite a lot in my sales videos.


See full video here 🙂

I have done them in parks, on the beach, and in my car.

Anything to to look less boring and stand out, and to hold your attention !

Now take a look at politicians…. They all seem very similar,

They dress the same

Have the same sort of message

Use the same sort of language

Try to be as politically correct as possible

However right from the start Donald Trump stood out.

By being deliberately provocative he distanced himself from everyone else AND he got massive media coverage for it.

This media coverage was a kind of free advertising, the sort advertising money can’t buy! . Like him or not, he was the talking point of the world!!!

I think this was his plan all the time… After all he is a businessman with experience of advertising and branding (product differentiation) so he should know what pattern interrupt is all about….


So I think there’s a lesson here for all Internet marketers. Try and stand out from the crowd, don’t look like everybody else.

If you make your advertising look different and stand out from everybody else, that’s when you get amazing results.

Hopefully that’s one of the reasons you are reading this Newsletter


My New Caffeine fix…

Internet Marketers seems to run on coffee, and I am no exception.

coffee machineThis afternoon the doorbell rang,  I opened the door, and there was a delivery man from John Lewis. This was the delivery of my brand-new espresso coffee machine.

I’ve been wanting a coffee machine for ages as I’ve kind of got sick of instant coffee. I set the machine up half an hour ago and I have  just finished my 1st cup of coffee.

Wow this coffee is as good as any Starbucks or Costa coffee I’ve ever had!

Quick tip, when buying coffee for a coffee machine  always by medium roast coffee, it tastes much better!!





Internet marketers cruise – see you in New Orleans !!

Yesterday I booked my flights  to New Orleans for the Internet Marketers Cruise  in January.

This year I’ve decided to take two of my team from Sarah Staar Business School with me, Catherine and Sue, and of course Dave is going to be there as well

So if you are looking for any sort of advice on any aspect of your business, come up and talk to us, so come along and connect with us and share your problems.

And who knows, you might want to spread the word and get a few more of your colleagues to sign up to my newsletter !!

So if you’re going on the Internet Marketers Cruise this January let me know  and maybe we can meet up.


All the best,


Sarah Staar

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Another Rant – Big Gap In The Market

Last week I watched a documentary on Netflix “The Human Experiment “ all about the dangers of chemicals in everyday products.

The claim was that cancer rates are going up and especially amongst the under 40’s, a group that 20 years ago had very low cancer rates.

Organic shampooAfter watching this documentary it has made me a lot more aware of the ingredients that are in everyday products, such as shampoo.

Things like….

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) A surfactant found in many cleaning products. …

I thought, well, as soon as my shampoo has run out I’ll make sure that I purchase some sort of organic shampoo.  surely there must be a whole section in the supermarket for natural shampoos like this….   Or so I thought…



Today I went to my local supermarket, Sainsbury’s. I must have spent 15 minutes looking at all of the different shampoo bottles and not one of them claimed to be a natural product or organic !!

And the list of chemicals in them was as long as my arm…

So I ended up not buying anything at all…

It seems strange that there are all sorts of  food products claiming to be organic but nobody has come up with a range of household cleaners, shampoos, and soaps that are organic…

There seems to be a big gap in the market here…

Like for…

A line of products,

or even an app that would tell you if a product was safe or not…

I guess I’m going to have to go online and find something.

Why are these manufacturers so unconcerned about the potential damage caused by low level carcinogens ?

And we have it better in Europe than in the USA, because we have stricter rules over here !

Okay, rant over….

Transcribing audio 

 For the last two weeks I’ve been writing a book all about how I got started online, the changes that have taken place, and about the psychology of Internet marketing.

I’m about halfway through the book now and I have to say I  and really enjoying writing this book.

It’s sort of like a “brain dump” of all the stuff I know and have picked up over the last 15 or so years.

This will be a physical book which I’ll probably sell on Amazon.

If you’re interested in a copy reply to this email.

In my last email I explained how I was writing this book by dictating it into my phone and then getting the audio files transcribed.

I had a lot of people asking me which transcription service I’m using. The company I use is

Speechpad is a really easy to use service, you simply upload an audio file and they charge $1 per minute to transcribed the audio.

They also have an Express 24 hours service for an extra fee.

Getting audio transcribed is one of the quickest ways to create large amount of content.

(Hint !)

So if you hate writing, or find it difficult like I do,  transcribed audio can be a very fast way to create content for your blog, or even an eBook.


10 Cloverfield Lane

I won’t say too much about this film because I don’t want to spoil it for you.This is a film about a lady who is abducted and held against her will by a Survivalist type in his Underground shelter.

However all is not what it seems…  I have to say I was expecting a standard thriller, however, the film ended up being something very different, a real surprise….. you have to see this film….

I’m off to the beach now to write the next chapter of my book,


all the best,

Sarah Staar

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Sarah Staar’s Masterplan

I can hear the waves lapping and the distant cries of seagulls as I write this email……..

Here in the UK we’re enjoying a mini heatwave this week so I thought I’d make  the best of it.

So there I was sitting in my very hot office yesterday, with the air conditioning on full while speaking to Martin Avis on the phone.

Martin informed me that he was working from his garden and that prompted me to grab my laptop and head for the beach.

Sara on the beachwhite


Why work in a hot office when the beach is 10 minutes down the road?

After all I am an Internet marketer,  laptop lifestyle and all that….







Now I know I am not like regular people.

I am very driven and focussed – much more than most people

I am also very good (most days) at managing my time.

I am also very goal oriented…

This means that I get a lot done and I achieve a LOT


How do I do this ?

Well while I am having a quiet moment on the beach, with nothing too important buzzing around  inside my head, I like to sit down and put together “The Master Plan”.

This is how I do it….

(And at the risk of being a bit cheeky, if you aren’t doing something like this yourself then the plain frank, brutal, truth is you will always let yourself down.)

Step 1

Sort out what your really big goals are. Things you are enthusiastic about and that get you excited

What do you want to achieve ?

What do you want to be known for ?

What sort of lifestyle do you want and how do you want to Live ?

Where do you want to go ? Emigrate to Mars ? Trip into Space ?

(Don’t try to censor these by “ I will never be able to…)

Step 2

How much money do you need to earn and over what timescale to achieve those goals ?

Break it down by year – 5 years – 10 years

Set the intermediate objectives that help you realise the money you need to achieve those goals.

Step 3

Now create your own Route Map

Breakdown each item on your list.and then develop a  plan of attack.  In other words how are you going to achieve that goal.

If you want to buy that new car that costs say £100,000  how are you going to raise that money ?

What’s the easiest way you can raise £100,000??

You need to ask yourself what are the successful marketers doing.

What single task is most likely to get me that result?

The one consistent thing you must do is model what is already working for other

People – don’t try and reinvent the wheel.

Find a successful person and model what they are doing.

Step 4

Keeping on track !

What do I need to achieve TODAY

What do I need to achieve TOMORROW



THIS YEAR/NEXT YEAR – to meet your objectives and goals

Step 5

Keeping yourself committed

Now tell someone

Tell your partner, tell your kids, tell your friends, tell your worst enemy ! I tell Dave and my Mum..

I think it’s really important to do this. Otherwise it’s so easy to become comfortable and coast through life.

Coasting through life and having your dreams fade away is definitely not good for the spirit.


Some Light Reading On the Beach

If you want to model what a successful marketer has done and apply it to your own business then check out Michael Wilding’s new book “Business Ignition”.

If you want something that’s going to help you implement your master plan super quick check out this book and the associated monthly magazine.

GoTo Business Ignition 🙂

Gotta go now there’s something I need to get on and do…………….


all the best,

Sarah Staar

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