Make Money With Absolutely No Investment

This week.

Hiring a full time content writer in the Philippines

Making money with no outlay, is this possible ?

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5 Responses to Make Money With Absolutely No Investment

  • Great video Sarah.

    Appreciate the outsourcing advice and tips.

    I’ll check out the link now. Thanks.

  • Stupidly Simple SEO (the $97 package) looks great but when weighing up the fact that $97 is more than 1 weeks benefit money for the unemployed in UK then I guess eating will triumph over SEO. Also when I chose to not avail myself of this offer and instead click the “No Thanks I’m Not Interested” link (bottom of page) I was taken to another page which stated “We are sorry but you cannot access this area only as a logged in member…”
    So Much for the free $97 value video advertised which it seems is only free after you pay the $97 🙂
    In conclusion let me say that Phil Henderson’s Stupidly Simple SEO does look like a great offer even if you cannot afford it.

  • Hi again,

    “Red faced” here as after another crack I decided to try and get a new password sent to me by Phil Henderson. Well that tactic worked and I do now have that password and so will look into the site. It would seem there was a glitch in the auto responder used and so the original email with password was not sent.
    I will at least be able to contact Phil regarding the use of the phrase below
    “We are sorry but you cannot access this area only as a logged in member…”
    after all he is English and so has no excuse unless perhaps he is depressed at the poor performance by England”s World Cup Team 🙂

  • I believe that his system has been discredited,
    The web 2.0 site that he recommended initially shut down his sites and those of his followers.
    I don’t know what has happened since then; however i would be very wary of buying a program with such a history.

  • Well i have had no problems with any of the sites. None of my sites have been shut down??

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