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By gerald Dalgety,13 Nov 2011

hi Sarah , so happy for your offer ,but having difficulty with pay pal please suggest anotherpayment method I would be most great ful , awaiting your reply. Regards Gerald.

By obiebimudi,14 Nov 2011

i need another method of payment

By Sarah Staar,14 Nov 2011

At this time i can only take paypal. I will look into other payment methods. Can you suggest one??

By,21 Nov 2011

Why not use clickbank?

By Carl,29 Nov 2011

Hi Sara, hope you ok,
I have just sent you an email on your email... asking when you gona debet the $47.
from my experience you debit it in advance i.e with the $1.0
Can carify this please???

By Nore003,30 Nov 2011

Dear Sarah Staar

I would like to purchase your $200 dollars a day course but my paypal
account is limited. Is there another way I can pay for it? I know you
record special videos for internet marketers. I saw you on Youtube.
Please let me know, if there is another payment method to buy your
course. Do I need Paypal in order to achieve what is thought with in your 7 hour

Thank you,

Nour F

By Charlie Thomas,05 Dec 2011

Hi Sarah i would love to join your affilicate but at the time my new card has not come in the mail so i am waiting for it how long will your promotion go

By Charlie Thomas,05 Dec 2011

Hi Sarah can i use a credit card at the time to sign up

By Malik Habibullah Raee,08 Dec 2011

Hyi Sarah ; Am I need to pay to get affiliate link?

By sarah staar,08 Dec 2011

no you do not need to pay to get your affiliate link but you will need a paypal account t get paid, goto this page to get more info

By Jeanera,08 Dec 2011

I'm not able to pay with paypal, can there be other payment options like Alertpay?

By Khizar Abbas,09 Dec 2011

Hi Sarah please make another method of the payment just like cross cheque your running method is so dificult

By striker,09 Dec 2011

Can't wait to get started!

By Douglas,09 Dec 2011

Having problems funding paypal account do you except credit cards??I'm really interested in what the course has to offer!!!

By debit card,10 Dec 2011

I have a debit card that everyone accepts, if you cant I guess Im out anthony augusta

By tyler vo,11 Dec 2011


I can't upgrade my membership when I click the upgrade button.

By william gran,12 Dec 2011

hi sarah ,new affiliate here ,can u upgrade the stats page to include hits etc so i can know how my advertising is doing?thanks

By Ismail,17 Dec 2011

I don't know this system. Please Inform me about this.

By derad,21 Dec 2011

I cann.t get to your chech out page for the $2000/day deal

By derad,21 Dec 2011

I get to your check out page for your $200/day deal

By Hi Sarah,21 Dec 2011

I am reading all your emails here asking for another form of payment. May I suggest a new payment processor.
I have an account with them and am very pleased. I hope you will find this useful dear. I look forward to working with you.

By Hi Sarah,21 Dec 2011

Edited to add.

This is Amazon. A well known name of course but a totally different dept. Don't try to access it via the original Amazon site. It is NOT the same. and you will find that they cannot help you.

By Yikes! OK I am confused. ,21 Dec 2011

I am signed up for your membership site for $1 so I can access the 7 video's you said I would be able to access but ever thing I click on tells me to upgrade. Where are the videos promised?

I see your affiliate codes, links etc. but the whole purpose of my signing up is to learn how to get started, build a website, wordpress or what the heck ever else I need to market. What good is your affiliate information if I have nothing to market it on.

It seems this is putting the cart before the horse. Don't I need to have an opt in page somewhere, a wp or something to start capturing email addys to send this stuff to?

Totally new to this and without access to your videos, totally confused too. I know nothing about Internet Marketing and am here to learn just that.

Can you help?


By sarah check out mike filsaime.s program ,25 Dec 2011

sarah starr i am having trouble with paying through paypal and this certainly is not normal for me i have been working with paypals top program. i want your 200.00 per day program as soon as possible. this definately will meet my financial goals because i only need this small amount to meet all of my financial obligation's on a personal level once i scale this amount up to double the two hundred dollars daily i will be able to reach out and accomplish much more on a daily basis. merry CHRISTMAS bless you my dear friend sarah. peace be with you my dear sister in christ JESUS

By minychil,29 Dec 2011

I couldn't pay paypal ,but your 200per day program .What I shall I do?

By hhi,04 Jan 2012


By hhi,04 Jan 2012


By maryono,04 Jan 2012


By TARHOUNI ATEF,04 Jan 2012


By Jean-Robert,20 Jan 2012


By TomTech,23 Jan 2012

hi sarah,
Have you created another payment method other than PayPal?
I really would like to order the $200 a Day program.
Have problems with PayPal. Please let me Know if you
decide on another payment method.

By 128754 ,15 Jun 2014


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