Complimentary Tickets (UK event)


Complimentary Tickets (UK event)



As some of you may know I run an Internet Video production company. Last night I filmed a seminar in London with former prime minister Tony Blair. He is still an excellent and inspiring speaker and a really nice guy, it was a real privilege to meet him. I will post a link to the video next week.


Next weekend I am filming an Internet marketing event “The Underground Info Millionaires Bootcamp” this looks like a very interesting event.


The event is:


The Tickets are normally £97 but for a limited time are available at * NO COST *

I’ll personally be at the event along with 12 of the Speakers.

The Speakers are from a broad range of backgrounds including Media, Internet Marketing, Property Investment and Personal Coaching.


Remember that there is absolutely No Cost to Attend.


Maybe see some of you there!

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The Conduit Method

I have a lot of mini review sites that are doing quite well. I   
build a very basic web site, a kind of fact sheet with a 200 word   
mini review. Each site has between 5 – 10 reviews. The best part   
is I can get a site like this up very quickly.  I have about 30   
of these sites up now and although some sites get very few sales,   
most of my sites get a few sales a week, it soon adds up. I have   
sites that I have not touched for over a year and are still   
getting sales every month.

And I have to tell you  that the best part is that you   
don’t need lots of traffic to make consistent sales each month.   
Most of my sites only get 5 to 10 unique visits a day, but I   
still get sales from these sites each week.

I learned all this from The Conduit Method by Chris Rempel.

It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make money   
as an affiliate that I know of, whether you are an experienced   
guru or even if you are a complete newbie you can benefit from   

The Conduit Method is an ideal system to give an outsource   
person, I am in the process of outsourcing my  Conduit web sites   
so I can get 20 built a month. If I only get 1 or 2  x $47 sales   
per site per month, well you do the math.

Right now you can get the The Conduit Method for only $15 so it   
is fairly cheap. I would also recommend his other product  – Site   
Layouts That Sell.

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E books & My X Printer

For the last few weeks I have been trying out Windows new   
operating system – Windows 7. I have to say that it is a big   
improvement on Vista and would recommend you upgrade if you are   
using Vista.

It’s much slicker and faster thank XP or Vista and just works !!!   
When I built my new PC all I did was install Windows 7 , no   
motherboard drivers or anything , wow it just all worked, why   
isn’t all software like this. I think it is being  officially   
released to the public later in the year.

I don’t know about you but when I buy an ebook I like to print it   
out and put it in a ring binder. I find reading from paper is   
much easer for me. But disaster , last week my trusty HP laser   
printer died on me half way through printing out the 151 page   
book The Affiliate Black Book,

The engineer told me that to repair it would cost more than a new   
printer. This printer was about the size of a small photocopier,   
just a big door stop. I got a  friend to help me put it outside   
next to the garbage , it only took two hours before somebody had   
taken it, I guess thats London for you !!

The big question I have now is….. do I buy another laser   
printer or do I buy an ebook reader ? I have heard that the new   
ebook readers are really like reading off paper, I guess the next   
thing is to go to the shops and try one out…..

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