$100 per day Challenge

When Xmas comes around I always find myself with spare time –
fewer interruptions on the phone – no pressure to answer emails

So I am setting myself a little challenge to make life

The other night I was out with a friend of mine and he was
telling me about some of his websites that generate him between
10 and $20 per day. The interesting thing is that these sites are
Adsense websites.

This really made me sit up and listen because obviously some
people are still making good money with Adsence. The other
interesting thing is that he outsources most of the work, and by
the way this guy has over 500 websites.

It got me thinking though, what if I had 10 Adsense websites that
made me $10 per day?

10 websites shouldn’t be that hard to build and getting an
Adsense website up to $10 a day shouldn’t be that hard. I’m not
talking about spam web websites here, I’m talking about websites
with good unique content that get updated regularly.

So I have set myself the $100 per day Challenge.
Now, does anyone here want to take part in this as well ?

Just to add a little bit of competition, and when you get nagged
at by people to do stuff, you have an excuse – Sarah’s $100 a day
challenge !

Let me know how you get on, and evidence will be needed.

So my next newsletters and videos are going to be about how to
make $100 per day because I think it’s a realistic amount that
even a beginner can make, and it’s enough money for some people
to quit their day jobs.

In the coming weeks I won’t be talking about the basic skills
you’ll need to make $100 per day, such as registering a domain
name or setting up Web hosting & FTP.

To get a basic understanding of the skills you need as an
Internet marketer I highly recommend you sign up to MoneyMakers
TV and view some of the video tutorials. You can sign up today
for only $1…

I think the best way to go about teaching you guys how to make
$100 per day is for you to watch what I’m doing, so I am going to
video what I do….

I going to give myself a time limit for this project and some

1.The $100 per day will have to come from brand-new websites I
build specifically for this challenge.

2.The challenge ends at the end of February.

Okay how am I going to do this? While the first thing is that I
am going to do is spread the load a little, so below is a list of
the different types of websites I will be building.

Google Adsense websites – I am hoping each site will bring in
between $2 and $10 per day. So if I build 10 or 20 of these sites
this will be a big chunk of my target.

Conduit websites – basically these are mini review sites. I plan
to build some of the sites myself and also outsource some of the
sites using elance. If I can get an average of $50 per week per
site this would be good.

Video marketing – I will be doing two types of video marketing,
creating review videos and uploading them to all of the video
sites such as YouTube, with an affiliate link. The other type of
video marketing I will be doing is the YouTube loophole.

Tools For The Job

But before I start there are some things I need to get sorted
out, such as tools for the job. The first tool is a keyword
I’m going to need this to find some red hot niches. I have
downloaded market samurai and I have to say it is one of the best
keyword tools I have ever used, just playing with this last night
I found several incredible niches.

You need to find a market that have high search volume, low
competition in Google as well as a product to sell, or good
Adsense earnings – Market samurai does all of the above and

The second thing I will need is a way of speeding up my SEO and
getting all my sites ranked well in Google. One tool I have been
using for a long time is something called linking loophole, this
is one of those tools that really works, however it still a
time-consuming job to use the software.

The same company also has a piece of software called Brute Force
SEO. The main difference is that it is completely 100% automated
and the results are incredible. So I’ll be using this for all my

I will keep you updated in my newsletter every week with the
progress of my websites. Each week I will also be making in-depth
videos detailing the complete strategy revealing the websites and
showing you what I’m doing, and what is working and what isn’t.

These videos will only be available on Money Makers TV.

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Adsense Is Dead

Every week I hear someone saying that Adsense is dead, you have  
probably heard the same. But let me tell you that although I  
don’t make a huge sum of money from Adsense I still make a few  
hundred dollars a month from Adsense, and by the way I don’t have  
hundreds of sites. Most of my revenue comes from only 4 sites !!

A friend of mine, Stephen Crooks  started a very popular thread  
on the Warrior Forum $100 a day Adsense challenge

The challenge was to create a WordPress blog from scratch that  
would make $100 a day in 3 months.

This was a tall order, he failed. By the end of the 3 months his  
blog was up to $20 a day, but hey that’s $680 a month !! Two  
months later his blog was up to $40 a day, not bad…

Stephen has put together a blueprint of his system, it is what I  
use for all my Adsense sites. It’s an easy way of generating a  
few hundred bucks a month on auto pilot.

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