london lunch

My health reboot

… Things changed for me at the last london lunch. I had a Kobe burger it came to the table and it was enormous. After eating that burger I felt so bloated,a bit like you do after Christmas lunch. In fact we were all commenting about how full we were, I think it was that moment that I thought I will never eat meat or dairy again! After almost a month I’ve lost 7 kg and I’m feeling great. The weird thing is I don’t miss meat or dairy at all!! I’ve lost all my cravings for …

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – What Do You Do for a Living

… The good news is that I brought along my video camera and filmed the whole event. If you would like a free copy of the video you can get it below, no opt in required.  Click here to get the free video 🙂   Who wants to meet up in London on Friday? My good friend Martin Avis Avis is hosting his london lunch this Friday. If you’d like a chance to meet up with me personally I would be delighted to have a chat over lunch. The london lunch is a pure …

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