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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – What Do You Do for a Living

RedTeslaAs you probably know, a couple of months ago I purchased a brand-new Tesla model S electric car. I picked it up from the showroom and drove it home.

When I got home I carefully backed it into the driveway and got out of the car. One of my neighbours was watching and walked over to my car and asked me a question when I got out.

“What exactly is it that you do for a living?”

“I’m an Internet marketer”, I replied

Jim, my neighbour, had a blank look on his face, “What does that involve?”

I proceeded to tell Jim that I sold information products on the Internet and had an email list.

I think he was none the wiser and I’m sure he still doesn’t really understand what I do for a living.

This is a common problem Internet marketers face. To be honest usually I don’t want to get into that conversation because it takes too much time to explain to people what I do.

If I don’t want to have that conversation with people I just tell them I work in  IT.

After my conversation with Jim it got me thinking, I needed to come up with a better explanation of what I do for a living.

A lot of people I meet at events and parties could be potential customers so after a lot of careful thought I’ve come up with a new explanation for what I do for a living.

Now when somebody asks what I do for a living now I say,

I help people retire 10 years early with twice their current income

This statement is designed to get people to want to be on my email list and learn about Internet marketing…

I’ve used this explanation of what I do for a living several times now with great effect.

For instance a couple of weeks ago I was at a party with my mother. This was a  party mainly consisting of musicians.

During the afternoon a couple of different people asked what I did for a living.

Well I have to say it worked incredibly well. When I told people what I did for a living, I help people retire 10 years early with twice the current income, I had their full attention.


“Can you show me how to do that ?!… Was the typical reaction I got.

After a brief explanation of what information marketing was I handed over my business card and told them they could join my email list.

I have realised that this is a fantastic way of getting new people to join my email list!!

In fact I’m in the process of creating a brand-new free product which I can offer to people after I tell them what I do for a living. This product will be offered on the back of my business card.

Can you guess what the product is called?

“How to retire 10 years early with twice your current income…”

I should have the product finished within the next couple of weeks and some new business cards printed up.

I’m going to create a special tracking link just from my business card so I can track,

  •  How many people have signed up
  • How much money I’ve made from those people

I’m going to report back in my newsletter in six months time and let you know exactly how many people have signed up to my email list, just from me personally giving out business cards to people.

I’m also going to tell you how much money I’ve made from those people.


Watch this space!

London meet-up video

 Last week was the second London meet up, thanks to everybody who attended. This will be the last meet-up until September, holidays and the rest getting in the way

During the meet up, I did a one-hour training session all about how to make $10,000 a month with an email list.

The good news is that I brought along my video camera and filmed the whole event. If you would like a free copy of the video you can get it below, no opt in required.

 Click here to get the free video 🙂


Who wants to meet up in London on Friday?

LonodonLunchMy good friend Martin Avis Avis is hosting his London lunch this Friday.

If you’d like a chance to meet up with me personally I would be delighted to have a chat over lunch.

The London lunch is a pure networking event no selling or pitching, just lunch.



Did you know…

Earlier this month I attended the first ever Cardiff Catch-up. This is a bit like a London Lunch but in Cardiff. One of the reasons I love these types of events is because I always learn something new.

Instead of keeping all these things to myself I thought I would list them in a special section in my newsletter.

The section is called “Did you Know”

What did I learn? Well I learnt loads of stuff but this week I will tell you about one particular thing that I think is pretty cool.

You can put a Facebook retargeting pixel within an email broadcast.

Woo hoo !!

If you don’t know how important that is to efficient use of traffic –  drop me a line !



HattonDiamondJobThe Hatton Diamond Job

A few years ago one of the biggest robberies of all time was carried out in London. The Hatton Diamond safety deposit box robbery.

The funny thing about this robbery was it was all carried out by criminals in their 60s and 70s.

One of the robbers even used his over 60s free bus pass to get to the job!!

Anyway they made a great movie all about it. It’s humorous but mainly based on fact.

It’s kind of filmed and edited in the same style as Snatch. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.


All the best,


Sarah Staar

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – James Bond, Tax and stuff..

Had the whole Sarah Staar Business School support team together at the London Lunch.

We had a real blast, not just at the London Lunch but also the night before when we all went out for a team dinner..

Angela from the US. 
Kathy from Scotland 
Sue from London 
Catherine from Margate 
And me..

You know, its really great to see people who are valued members of my team enjoying themselves and growing through what they are doing.


the team









**** New strategies *****

Have a look at this video on my blog, in the video I explain how I discover new affiliate marketing techniques.

Go to the video now 🙂

If you want to discover the strategies that the most successful Internet marketers are using right now you need to see this video.

USA Road Trip

So late next week I am off to the USA for a road trip, a road trip with a difference.

It’s with my mother. We are going to be landing in Chicago and going on from there to Iowa.

Why Iowa ?

Because it’s where my Great Aunt lives…..

How she got there from the UK is a story I will keep for another day, but it’s not the first time I have visited her.

Now Mum and I will have a few days to spare, so I was wondering…

– can you suggest any cool places to go and see in or near Chicago ? 
(are there any real original/authentic blues clubs with live music still around ?)

(no not the tourist ones !)

– are there any good Internet Marketing meetups in or near Chicago ?

– what cool places are there to see over the border in Canada ?

New Products

I’m thinking about creating some new products in the $200 to $500 range and was discussing this at the London lunch last week.

And then I had an idea, why not ask you guys and girls what you thought ?

And specifically what sorts of things you were interested in…

So what interests you the most. Is it……

Below is a link to a quick survey.

 Please help by letting me know what you’re interested in:-)

This isn’t the start of a hidden sales programme or something crazy like that.

I really want to know, and, yes, your opinions are important to me.

How to Pay Almost No Tax – in the UK and the US !

 There was a very good BBC documentary a while ago called “The Town that took on the Taxman”.

You can find numerous versions of it on YouTube and also on the BBC iplayer.

Dave has been busy working on a similar structure for Sarah Staar Business School and if you haven’t heard from him for a while, it’s been because he’s been going through a process of agreeing our accounts with the US tax authorities.

If you want to know how to avoid paying tax in either the US or the UK, or both, then Dave is thinking about running a special webinar at the end of October just to introduce you to the principles.

What Dave has put together is appropriate for anyone who creates their own products, and especially where the products are knowledge-based products.

It’s totally legal and ethical.

And it puts you on the same tax footing as most multi-nationals, including Starbucks, Apple, and VolkswagenAudi Group.

Let me know if you are interested..

This Weeks Movie

 Well I hate to admit it but yes it’s true, I am a great fan of the James Bond movies.

James Bond

Dave teases me that all I need now is a white cat sitting on my lap..

Anyway, last year I purchased the James Bond “Bond 50” Blu-ray box set.

Every James Bond film ever released, with all the old ones digitally remastered into the Blu-ray format.


And for the past six months I’ve been systematically working my way through all of the films.

Two nights ago I finally reached the last movie in the series – Spectre..

I really enjoyed watching it, the script was well written, and the film was very well directed.

I think Spectre brilliantly closes a lot of open loops that had been opened in previous films over the years.

I really enjoyed it and I think it breaks new ground for a James Bond film.

Definitely worth watching, but make sure you watch the other two films in the sequence first…

Quantum of Solace 

Which is my favourite Bond films?? 
Who was the best Bond??

I think I’ll leave that for another newsletter.

All the best,


Sarah Staar

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We Decided To Name Her Alexa

We have a new arrival in the Sarah Staar household and her name is Alexa. I’ve been telling Dave for the last month that on 28 September things were going to change!

At 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon the postman knocked on the door and handed me a parcel.

I opened the box and unpacked Alexa…

Alexa is Amazon’s latest product it’s an artificial intelligence product called Echo.  You plug it in and then it responds to voice commands and can do various different things for you, oh yes and it also replies back…

You can ask it simple things like,

“Alexa, What’s the weather like tomorrow”

“Alexa, How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon”

“Alexa, How do you spell…..”

“Alexa, What’s the traffic like outside”

“Alexa, What’s on my calendar tomorrow”

“Alexa, What’s 10,000 ÷ 30”

You can also give it commands like,

“Alexa, Add newsletter to my to-do list”

“Alexa, Add bread to my shopping list”

“Alexa, Play me some jazz music”

“Alexa, Dim the lights”

“Alexa,Tell me a joke”

“Alexa, Wake me up at 9 AM”

“Alexa, Add call Mum to my to-do list”


This sort of reminds of when I was an eight year old child and had just watched the film “2001 a Space Odyssey”. I remember wishing I had an artificial intelligence device like HAL the computer on the spacecraft.

So when I heard that Amazon was releasing an artificial intelligence device called Echo I had to order one.

Okay so it’s not perfect, There are lots of commands it doesn’t understand such as complex questions. I guess it is going to start learning and get better over time.

I have a very strong feeling this is the start of something revolutionary in everybody’s life.

While very much a first stage product, you can still see the potential here.

I do have one thing that worries me slightly..


I’m currently watching 2 TV shows at the moment, Battlestar Galactica this is a tv show where artificial intelligence and robots have taken over a world.

And Persons of Interest, a TV series where one Artificial Intelligence is fighting another Artificial Intelligence via human proxies for control of the US…

And of course HAL goes sort of insane in 2001

Dave teases me about what will happen when all the Alexas link together.

He keeps referencing Skynet (from the Terminator movies) and Transcendence.

I did ask Alexa this morning if she intends to take over the world and kill all humans, she kind of skated around the subject and didn’t give me a straight answer!



Casino Jack



I saw quite an interesting film last night called Casino Jack. An amazing performance from Kevin Spacey. This film is a true story about Powerful Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

It’s a story about corruption, power and money. The film kind of reminded me of Wolf of Wall Street. It’s a real eye-opener to how the American political system works…


Its also a great story about what happens when people lose grip with reality…





London Lunch

I just got an email from Martin Avis to tell me that there is still a couple of places left for tomorrow’s London lunch. I’ll be there so if you want to meet up book your place below.


London lunch 🙂


Have a wonderful day whatever you’re doing,


Sarah Staar

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