The One Thing

Is Analogue Better Than Digital?

… affiliate commissions. The One Thing you need to do as an Internet marketer in 2017 to break the $300 a day barrier. I’m going to be showing you exactly how my sales funnel works and how I drive traffic to my sales funnel. You’ll discover an easy and effective way to make sales… without having to sell anything? Most people that I have taught this to in the past (the ones that have taken action) have started to make money within 7 – 14 days ! Sign Up For Free webinar 🙂 …

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OMG I found this out by accident..

So there I was surrounded by very wealthy Internet entrepreneurs. It was late 2009 and I had managed purely by accident to get an invite to an Internet entrepreneur drinks evening. I felt kind of nervous because I was surrounded by millionaire product owners, affiliate marketers, CPA marketers and even a couple of people that run very successful eBay businesses. After speaking to several very successful people I quickly realized that The One Thing they all have in common was an email list. Since …

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Road Trip – I almost trashed the car

… Martin for a test drive and decided to record an Internet marketing interview with Martin in the car.     Watch The Video Interview here 🙂   Meanwhile in South London my mother, sister and brother-in-law + the children were all eagerly awaiting me to arrive so they could have a test drive too!! The kids absolutely loved the car and insisted that I call the car kit after the Knight Rider TV show!! The One Thing that is a little disconcerting and everybody seems to agree with me …

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