SEO Video : My complete strategy

Two weeks ago I showed one of my working review sites  that makes   
me money each week in a video.

Well after that I was bombarded with emails asking all sorts of   
questions, but one question kept coming up, "how do you get   
traffic to these sites."  So in response to this I have made a   
very detailed video for you showing exactly how I do this.

This is probably one of the most important things I do,  as I not   
only do SEO for myself but I also do SEO for local companies here   
in London, and it's so easy !

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The Conduit Method

I have a lot of mini review sites that are doing quite well. I   
build a very basic web site, a kind of fact sheet with a 200 word   
mini review. Each site has between 5 – 10 reviews. The best part   
is I can get a site like this up very quickly.  I have about 30   
of these sites up now and although some sites get very few sales,   
most of my sites get a few sales a week, it soon adds up. I have   
sites that I have not touched for over a year and are still   
getting sales every month.

And I have to tell you  that the best part is that you   
don’t need lots of traffic to make consistent sales each month.   
Most of my sites only get 5 to 10 unique visits a day, but I   
still get sales from these sites each week.

I learned all this from The Conduit Method by Chris Rempel.

It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make money   
as an affiliate that I know of, whether you are an experienced   
guru or even if you are a complete newbie you can benefit from   

The Conduit Method is an ideal system to give an outsource   
person, I am in the process of outsourcing my  Conduit web sites   
so I can get 20 built a month. If I only get 1 or 2  x $47 sales   
per site per month, well you do the math.

Right now you can get the The Conduit Method for only $15 so it   
is fairly cheap. I would also recommend his other product  – Site   
Layouts That Sell.

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