My Second Flying Lesson

… This month I’ve invited my good friend Karen Warren to the London meetup. Karen will be doing a one-hour live training session all about Facebook and how you can use Facebook in your business to drive traffic to your website. Karen will also be explaining all the new changes that Facebook are implementing this month and next month and how they will affect your business. She will be sharing how you can acquire new prospects/clients for under £1 each, …

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How To Get Free Buyer Traffic

When most people try to get traffic to their website they think SEO. Let me tell you 95% of my traffic does not come from Google. What I do is find out where all the buyer traffic in my market is and then I steal this traffic. The best parties is this doesn't cost me a dime it's free traffic.... Today I have made a video showing you exactly how I implement this strategy. If you find this video useful please share it on Facebook or Twitter. …

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