Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – I Nearly Crashed The Tesla

Only two days to go till I fly out to New Orleans for my third Internet marketers cruise.

It’s pretty amazing going on a cruise with 400 Internet marketers!!

This year I am taking Catherine and Sue with me on the cruise. (and Dave of course!)

The cruise is a great time to kick back and relax but I’m also going to be doing some work.

This time I have set myself a clear objective to connect with as many people as possible.

Because I’m obsessed with tracking everything in my business I know that my best customers are the people I’ve actually met face-to-face.

So my big task this year will be chatting to as many people as possible, helping as many people as possible, getting them to sign up to my list, and following up with them afterwards.

I’ve done this in the past at Internet marketing meet-ups and seminars and found this to be one of the best strategies to build an email list with quality customers.

Okay so the numbers aren’t large – I might only get 100 people to sign up to my list – but that’s 100 new relationships with customers that will probably purchase big ticket items from me over the next 12 months.

So the process will be as follows:

Approach as many people and engage in conversation.

Try to help as many people out with their business.

Offer something really cool and relevant in return for their contact details.

Follow up on the phone after the cruise to maintain a relationship.

The other thing I will be doing on the cruise this year is recording an audio interview series with successful Internet marketers.

I’ve purchased an MP3 recorder and once I am on the plane flying to New Orleans on Friday I will put together a short questionnaire. I think I’m going to focus the interviews on one particular subject – possibly traffic generation.

A lot of people go to Internet marketing events and it becomes one big lost opportunity. This is because they don’t have a clear objective before they attend the event.

Whenever attending any kind of marketing event you should always have a clear objective of exactly what you want to achieve.


packing for cruiseI guess I had better start packing now as my office is starting to look a bit like a bomb site thanks to all the deliveries from Vista print and the T-shirt company that has printed the Sarah Staar business school T-shirts!!

Dave has been helping me out with tightening up the branding of the company, and anyone on the cruise will definitely recognise the team..



I nearly crashed the Tesla when I heard this

A few months ago I hired a Tesla and toured the UK, visiting various online marketing experts along the way.

I took them for a drive in this gorgeous beast of a car and recorded an interview with them using 2 video cameras.

One of the highlights was my interview with Chris Payne who I drove to one of his high-paying clients for a meeting: I felt like an Uber driver!   🙂



It wasn’t easy asking questions, listening to his answers, and driving in an area I didn’t know!

One of the answers Chris shared with me blew me away so much that I became light headed.

It felt like my whole brain was rewiring itself as a result of Chris’ profound insight.

Thankfully the Tesla has a brilliant self-drive mode so I didn’t crash!

Chris has generated millions of dollars in revenue over the years, and he’s one of the very few go-to people I pay to get advice to grow my business.

He knows a ton about making money with Amazon, so I’ve asked him to come on a webinar TOMORROW and share with you some very clever tricks and shortcuts to help you get amazing free, targeted traffic – and make money using outsourcers at super-low prices to make maximum money in minimum time.

You’ll hear Chris, or me, share the insight which made my head spin, plus loads more.


Click here 🙂  to find out about 5 more of the amazing things you’ll learn on this free webinar.

See on tomorrow on the live class!

Click here to register 🙂


Take Action Now -don’t put things off !!

Sometimes I could kick myself for not taking action. For instance, back in 2010 I remember looking at Bitcoin and thinking that is something I should look at.

Unfortunately, I never bought any!

If I’d spent $100 on bit coins back in 2010 they would be worth over $600,000 now!

Which made me think…If I had started building my email list a year earlier I’d probably be making an extra $5000 a month now….

In today’s age of social media text messages and endless emails, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed.

My advice… Write down a clear objective or an outcome which you desire..

-A new car

-A new house

-Maybe a lifestyle change

NOW – Create a vision board, This is a large sheet of paper with your goal written down on it. This must include photos and images….

Do it NOW !!


Useful Free Tools

SEO Quake

SEOquake is a SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome,

it shows PageRank, Alexa and tons of SEO parameters,

also works in SERP.

Text Cleaner

Some of the best tools solve the simplest problems. Text cleaner

cleans up all kinds of text formatting when copying and pasting

between applications.

YouTube downloader

A free tool that allows you to download YouTube videos to your computer.


All the best,


Sarah Staar

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – The 7K dyslexic Mistake

post box

Okay, so I was at an Internet marketing event a couple of months ago and I got chatting to Neil Stafford. He told me about a cool strategy, promoting webinars using direct mail, you know “snail mail”, old fashioned paper post…

I thought to myself okay I am definitely going to try this,sometime….


Email open rates are pretty low

A one-pager letter  is more personal



You can reach people who may have “switched off” from emails

A couple of weeks later I was brainstorming ways to get more traffic to my new squeeze page promoting my next webinar.

The next morning (Friday) I phoned up  the direct mail company, they told me it was definitely possible to get a direct mail sales letter out and have it delivered to people’s houses by Monday or Tuesday.

Deadlines were tight BUT if I could get the letter to them within the next couple of hours they could guarantee the delivery in time for my webinar.

I put the phone down grabbed my direct marketing box file, full of marketing letters from other internet marketers, and ran downstairs.

I just dumped the contents on the living room floor and started analysing what other marketers were doing with direct mail. After about an hour or two I had a clear idea in my mind of what I was going to talk about in my sales letter.

I quickly put together a one page sales letter, printed it out, and sort of proofread it.

Okay I must admit I proofread it about as good as a dyslexic person can !

I sent it over to the mail house along with an Excel spreadsheet of names and addresses of 600 of my customers, and paid them £271.

Phew !!!   I just about made it in time……

Okay now here’s the funny part…..

I get a Skype message on Tuesday morning from one of my team, Catherine. (I  had put her name on the list as a seed name to check the mailing and timing)

She told me I had made a big error in the headline.

It was meant to say how to make £1K per day……… instead it said how to make £1 per day!!!!

Now the interesting part is I was tracking all of the traffic that was coming from the direct mail piece.

I have just looked at my numbers.

Now bearing in mind all the sales aren’t all in yet, but it looks like we’ve made over $7000 so far just from the direct mail traffic.

Now that’s not a bad return, considering I only spent £270 on the traffic!!

And the point is….

It’s better to do something badly, than not do something at all!

I think I will try a bit more of this direct-mail stuff…… I will keep you informed of what happens. I think next time I will get someone else to write the sales letter!!! (Dave ??!!)


Christmas Affiliate marketing

Quite a few people think that Christmas is not a good time to promote Internet Marketing products – especially of the knowledge based sort.

However if you are a regular reader of this newsletter you will know that my experience is exactly the opposite !

In fact, one of the best times to promote offers is when people have had enough of the food (and maybe the annoying friends or family) and they are thinking about What Xmas has cost them.

What they are going to do different in their lives next year.

So why not get into Affiliate marketing with Affiliate Formula X:-)

You will find at least one way you can recoup the cost of Christmas…

And it’s going to be more entertaining.

And it’s going to help you start the New Year with a bang !


WHOIS This is a tool to look up domain name information such as who owns a website and IP address.

Royalty free music

Royalty free stock photos

All the best,


Sarah Staar

Some of Sarah Staar’s Products

Affiliate Formula X 

A four-week training program teaching everything about affiliate marketing.

Income Blueprint Workshop 

Recording of a live seminar with talks from experts in their fields of Internet marketing.

Get Organized Like A Staar 

This course teaches you how to increase your productivity so you can spend more time doing the things that generate you income.

Affiliate Tripler 

This is a wordpress plugin that enables an affiliate to drop multiple product cookies on a purchasers site whenever it is visited by a customer sent there by an affiliate.

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We Decided To Name Her Alexa

We have a new arrival in the Sarah Staar household and her name is Alexa. I’ve been telling Dave for the last month that on 28 September things were going to change!

At 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon the postman knocked on the door and handed me a parcel.

I opened the box and unpacked Alexa…

Alexa is Amazon’s latest product it’s an artificial intelligence product called Echo.  You plug it in and then it responds to voice commands and can do various different things for you, oh yes and it also replies back…

You can ask it simple things like,

“Alexa, What’s the weather like tomorrow”

“Alexa, How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon”

“Alexa, How do you spell…..”

“Alexa, What’s the traffic like outside”

“Alexa, What’s on my calendar tomorrow”

“Alexa, What’s 10,000 ÷ 30”

You can also give it commands like,

“Alexa, Add newsletter to my to-do list”

“Alexa, Add bread to my shopping list”

“Alexa, Play me some jazz music”

“Alexa, Dim the lights”

“Alexa,Tell me a joke”

“Alexa, Wake me up at 9 AM”

“Alexa, Add call Mum to my to-do list”


This sort of reminds of when I was an eight year old child and had just watched the film “2001 a Space Odyssey”. I remember wishing I had an artificial intelligence device like HAL the computer on the spacecraft.

So when I heard that Amazon was releasing an artificial intelligence device called Echo I had to order one.

Okay so it’s not perfect, There are lots of commands it doesn’t understand such as complex questions. I guess it is going to start learning and get better over time.

I have a very strong feeling this is the start of something revolutionary in everybody’s life.

While very much a first stage product, you can still see the potential here.

I do have one thing that worries me slightly..


I’m currently watching 2 TV shows at the moment, Battlestar Galactica this is a tv show where artificial intelligence and robots have taken over a world.

And Persons of Interest, a TV series where one Artificial Intelligence is fighting another Artificial Intelligence via human proxies for control of the US…

And of course HAL goes sort of insane in 2001

Dave teases me about what will happen when all the Alexas link together.

He keeps referencing Skynet (from the Terminator movies) and Transcendence.

I did ask Alexa this morning if she intends to take over the world and kill all humans, she kind of skated around the subject and didn’t give me a straight answer!



Casino Jack



I saw quite an interesting film last night called Casino Jack. An amazing performance from Kevin Spacey. This film is a true story about Powerful Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

It’s a story about corruption, power and money. The film kind of reminded me of Wolf of Wall Street. It’s a real eye-opener to how the American political system works…


Its also a great story about what happens when people lose grip with reality…





London Lunch

I just got an email from Martin Avis to tell me that there is still a couple of places left for tomorrow’s London lunch. I’ll be there so if you want to meet up book your place below.


London lunch 🙂


Have a wonderful day whatever you’re doing,


Sarah Staar

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