How To Sell Virtual Reality Headsets

For the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying unusually hot sunny weather here in the UK, to such an extent that I actually now have a sun tan for the first time in several years !

Last Monday was a holiday here in the UK so I jumped in the car, risked the bank holiday traffic, and drove to Bournemouth.

Wow ! what a beautiful place…. I loved it so much I’m now thinking of moving there !

Dorset Beach












When I am out and about you might have noticed I have a tendency to park my brain in autopilot and let it wander off.

Well, for the last couple of years one of the things on my to-do list has been to write a book talking about how I see the world and my early experiences growing up.

The things that have made me the person I am today and the main influences in my life.

Being dyslexic it can be quite daunting writing a book and to be honest this embryo book is one of the main reasons that I have ended up with a suntan!

You see I came up with quite a novel way of writing my book. I’ve been using the audio recorder app that I have on my phone. I plug my hands-free kit into my telephone and take a one hour walk down the beach and dictate a chapter of my book.

Next I download the audio recordings to my computer, edit the audio file, cutting out any bits I don’t like. I then send off the audio recording to be transcribed.

I then edit the transcription, tidying up the grammar. Hey presto I have a chapter of my book.

This process seems to be working incredibly well and is enabling me to get 3 chapters completed every week!

I’m hoping to have the book finished by the end of September.

Pattern Interrupt

Virtual Reality HeadsetOn Tuesday I celebrated my birthday.  Dave took me for a drive in the country, visiting  a lovely country pub, having a meal out, and finishing off with a movie.

On the way we stopped at a petrol station  (a gas station for those of you in the US) and was totally taken aback !

I was paying for my fuel when I noticed a display in the shop selling of all things, get this,  virtual reality headsets!!!


I made a joke to the guy on the checkout saying “I bet you sell loads of those…”

He replied.. “actually yes we sell loads of them, its people who clip their mobile phones into them !!”

This is a pretty good example of what I call “Pattern Interrupt”

Changing the context from what people expect to what they don’t.
It just goes to show that pattern interrupt works incredibly well offline as well as online.

My most successful use of pattern interrupt came from my Affiliate Formula X sales video.

This is a sales video I did in my car and it was very different to my competitors sales videos.

When people watch a sales video they normally expect to either see a PowerPoint slide presentation or a presenter standing in a studio reading a carefully crafted script.

In my Affiliate Formula X video I’m driving along in my car speaking very much off the cuff.

Classic pattern interrupt… As a result this sales video converts at about 7%.

Have a look at the video now 🙂

The Next London Lunch

After much badgering Martin has finally fixed the date for the next London lunch.  Friday the 30th of September.

For the first time ever I’m going to be attending with the full team from Sarah staar Business School,   Angela  who has flown in especially from the USA,  Kathy who’s coming from Scotland,  Catherine,  and possibly Su.

Book your ticket for the London lunch now 🙂

If you’ve never been to the London lunch it’s the ideal place to meet new people in the Internet marketing community.

We all have lunch in the restaurant and then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening chatting in the hotel bar.

The London lunch has a great mix of people.  Complete beginners through to Internet millionaires.


 War Dogs

I always love films that have an entrepreneurial feel about them.  True stories about how somebody made a fortune.

War Dogs is based on a true story about how two ordinary guys ended up as international arms dealers!!

I saw War Dogs with Dave on my birthday and we both really enjoyed it.  At times it’s absolutely hilarious.  But at other times it can be quite dark.

Overall Dave and I both thoroughly enjoyed the film. This is one I will definitely be getting on Blu-ray.


The Everything Store

This is a book about and how Jeff Bezos Started the company and grew it to be the largest online store in the world,  the everything store.

I have to say after reading this book I’m not very impressed with how Amazon treats its staff and competitors. They can be a bit of a bully at times.

The book opened my eyes and has taught me a few lessons in how not to run a company!!

I think Jeff Bezos has been so focused on expanding Amazon,  that he doesn’t really care about the collateral damage he has caused along the the way.

Not the best book in the world, but I think I definitely learnt some lessons….


All the best,

Sarah Staar

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You Have To See This It’s So Cool…

Becoming a successful Internet marketer has changed my life it’s giving me the freedom to travel and never have to worry about money again.

However one negative thing that can happen is that you can lose touch with what is happening in the industry.  This is because it’s very easy to focus 100 percent just on your own business and start ignoring what everybody else is doing.

So I always try to go to as many Internet marketing seminars and workshops as I can just keep my toe in the water.

Armand Morin

Today I’m at a one day Workshop in London in London hosted by Armand Morin.  This is a workshop mainly for beginners  but I’m still learning stuff.

I bumped into an old friend of mine and we had lunch together and we discussed a traffic method which I think is so cool.

As some of you know one of my most powerful traffic methods is my business card.  I have my contact details on one side of the card and free offer,  my squeeze page,  on the reverse side of my card.


Whenever I go out to live seminars, workshops or meetups I make a point of trying to meet as many people as possible and also give them my  business card.

Here’s the weird thing.   60% of my top clients,  the ones that have spent over  $20,000 with me  first came into contact with me because of one of those business cards.

Ben who had lunch with me today was telling me about a two-day Workshop which is putting on in Central London. He wants to sell 100 tickets to his workshop and we were discussing different traffic methods he could use.

Facebook advertising


Direct mail

However the one that really stood out was network marketing.  Ben is going to as many Internet marketing seminars,  workshops and meet-ups as possible.

At these events he’s trying to meet as many people as possible and collecting business cards.  He is planning to follow up with these people later personally on the phone.

Now because Ben is actually meeting these people face to face he is probably going to get very high conversion rates.

If he’s got their business card he can phone them up,  send them emails and even send them text messages.

Oh yeah and he could also do a  Facebook marketing campaign just those people.

Sometimes low tech outside the box traffic techniques are the best and I’ve no doubt that he’ll get 100 people to his workshop simply by using old fashioned face to face marketing.

This was exactly the same strategy I used when I first built my email list and it turns out that these contacts are my best customers.

Face to face marketing was one of the traffic methods I discussed on my webinar on Thursday If you’d like to see a replay click on the link below.

Go to the replay 🙂

This replay will be taken down at the end if this weekend!

gotta go now as the afternoon coffee break is almost over,

all the best,


Sarah Staar

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Best Laid Plans…

This is a story about how I set out to do an interview with Michael Wilding and ended up driving around most of Cambridgeshire and South Yorkshire instead.This is also a story about the 6 Ps.

Proper Preparation Prevents P!”$s Poor Performance

And it’s also about how a Road Trip can become an Adventure.

And the interesting people you meet in the unlikeliest of places.

So I left my mum’s house in South London and set off (in the fully charged Tesla) to Michael Wilding up in Peterborough.

The first thing was that the SatNav took me north via the shortest route – the Woolwich ferry !!

The second thing was that I got into a huge traffic jam on the A1M so I didn’t bother to charge the car at the Baldock supercharger, because I wanted to get to Michael’s house on time.

And that is where things started to unravel..

The next supercharger was at a regular service station, but the service station was completely packed – it was after all a Friday afternoon in August on the A1(M)…..

And I couldn’t actually find the supercharger !!

So I got to Michael’s house with only 50 miles charge left !!

Now, charging the car at Michael’s house wasn’t an option because I need to get on the road and up to Scotland today…(this evening actually)

And  if you plug the car into a home domestic plug socket it will take around two days to charge!

I knew that they weren’t any Tesla superchargers within 100 miles of Michael’s house  but that didn’t bother me because there are loads of regular High Power chargers at service stations and supermarket car parks, aren’t there ??

So what did we do ?

Michael and I set off to try and find a charger somewhere,  within 50 miles range,  of his house.


 Charging Point 1 – Supermarket



The readout said it was going to take 17 hours to charge the car!!!

Forget that!!!  we need to find something with more power!!

Charging Point 2 – Toyota Garage

Couldn’t find the charging point.

We got out of the car and asked one of the sales staff if he knew where it was.

He looks kind of confused and then goes to find his manager.

It turned out no-one had ever used the charging point before and it had loads of cars parked up right next to it, so we couldn’t use It.


However the entire sales team from Toyota were very interested in the car.

A few even got inside the car and had a good look at it….

Charging Point 3 – Nissan Garage

We spent around 45 minutes fiddling around with the charger trying to get it to work  but it kept coming up with an error message.

Later we come to the conclusion that the charger only works for Nissan cars.- despite the adapter.


Michael’s Stroke of Genius !!


Michael, being bored by now and internet savvy, finds a really cool app called zap-map.  With this app you can organise your search results by the power of the charger.

We finally find a high power charger and gave the car 30 mins of charge. Sigh of relief !!

Finally Interview Michael

By  this time I was  getting a bit embarrassed and I realise that Michael had to get home.

I drive Michael home, and by the way Michael’s home is really fabulous.

On the way there I did finally interview Michael..

He gave some really good tips and insights on how he drives the right sort of traffic to his offers.

And I will upload the video tomorrow (after a good nights rest ! boy, today has been exhausting !)




Charger Point 4 – (Welcome Break)

I’m now sitting  in a coffee shop 20 miles up the road waiting for the car to charge. I reckon it’s going to take a couple of hours before and going to be on my way…


Why ?

Because these chargers only give you 30 minutes at a time…. Aarrgghhhh !!

When the car’s topped up I’ve got a hundred mile journey up north to my hotel.

Luckily there’s a Tesla supercharger in the hotel car park allegedly.. And if someone else hasn’t pinched it.

I guess it’s going to be a late night…..




I met some interesting people along the way, like the breakdown man with a load of the most hilarious stories I have ever heard.

I am discovering that’s what a road trip is all about.

Meeting interesting people swapping stories and getting into Adventures.


I don’t really mind though because I’m having fun driving this car…


Next installment tomorrow……


All the best,


Sarah Staar


PS: To find out more about Sarah Staar’s products click here

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