Electric Cars And Free Traffic

  Only a week to go till my electric car road trip to Scotland so I’ve been super busy this week organising everything.     Which route to take….. ..Who to visit on the way….. ..Where the Tesla superchargers are ! ..Etc       However despite the running around one of the things I have managed to do this week is finish off a new product – “101 ways to get free traffic” Lots of people in webinars and seminars have come up to me and asked about how to …

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The Big Switch Off

Yes, the holiday season is upon us here in the UK, it starts as soon as the schools close down for the 7 week summer holiday. Coinciding with the summer break – temperatures drop from June, it gets wetter, Air traffic controllers in Europe go on strike, and dockworkers/railway workers in France go on strike…. leading to headlines like : “Summer Misery for Millions as Floods drown Thousands queuing at Heathrow fleeing the UK for Summer Sun” Okay, that is a bit tongue in cheek – …

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – Disaster !

… and failed miserably. I had no traffic and made no sales… I started implementing some brand-new strategies, Affiliate marketing hacks…. I’ve made a video explaining 🙂 I started implementing these brand-new strategies and soon I was making over $350 a day!!   all the best, Sarah Staar …

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