Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – I Was Wrong….

Making Facebook Advertising Really Work – Part 1 I want to share with you a little story about the last few days.. This is absolutely true and has more than a few tips and hints in it for you… So last Monday I decided to set up a brand-new video-based ad campaign on Facebook. I spent most of Tuesday setting everything up, shooting the video, editing it, creating the Facebook ad campaign and getting everything  perfect. I was super excited because this was a brand-new technique I was …

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Sarah Staar IM newsletter – Did Trump Use Pattern Interrupt ?

…   See full video here 🙂 I have done them in parks, on the beach, and in my car. Anything to to look less boring and stand out, and to hold your attention ! Now take a look at politicians…. They all seem very similar, They dress the same Have the same sort of message Use the same sort of language Try to be as politically correct as possible However right from the start Donald Trump stood out. By being deliberately provocative he distanced himself from everyone else AND he got massive …

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter: Help – Stop The President

… some videos in Chicago with my phone.   I filmed a test video using my phone last week and was amazed by the quality check out the video here. This is something I am going to experiment with more over the next few weeks.   Last Chance – Halloween Special !! Okay so I am going to be in the USA for the next 2 weeks so before I go I wanted to give you 1 absolutely last chance to watch the replay of last weeks webinar How to Find High Paying Affiliate Offers  and Promote Them on …

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