Sarah Staar IM Newsletter: Help – Stop The President

… some videos in Chicago with my phone.   I filmed a test video using my phone last week and was amazed by the quality check out the video here. This is something I am going to experiment with more over the next few weeks.   Last Chance – Halloween Special !! Okay so I am going to be in the USA for the next 2 weeks so before I go I wanted to give you 1 absolutely last chance to watch the replay of last weeks webinar How to Find High Paying Affiliate Offers  and Promote Them on …

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Sarah Staar IM Newsletter – James Bond, Tax and stuff..

… **** New strategies ***** Have a look at this video on my blog, in the video I explain how I discover new affiliate marketing techniques. Go to the video now 🙂 If you want to discover the strategies that the most successful Internet marketers are using right now you need to see this video. USA Road Trip So late next week I am off to the USA for a road trip, a road trip with a difference. It’s with my mother. We are going to be landing in Chicago and going on from there to Iowa. Why Iowa …

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How To Sell Virtual Reality Headsets

… interrupt works incredibly well offline as well as online. My most successful use of pattern interrupt came from my Affiliate Formula X sales video. This is a sales video I did in my car and it was very different to my competitors sales videos. When people watch a sales video they normally expect to either see a PowerPoint slide presentation or a presenter standing in a studio reading a carefully crafted script. In my Affiliate Formula X video I’m driving along in my car speaking very much …

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