The AdSense Unfair Advantage

In today’s video I show you how to find the perfect niche, and how to do keyword research as well as my secret strategy I use for all of my AdSense websites that gives me an unfair advantage over all the competition.

Thank you for your feedback and comments regarding my last video much appreciated.

A few of you were asking how to set up an AdSense account or rather how to apply for an AdSense account, at the end of this video I go through step-by-step exactly the process to use when applying for a new AdSense account.

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33 Responses to The AdSense Unfair Advantage

  • Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for this. I simply use the related searches results as LSI keywords as well.
    Could you tell me something about using video for AdSense? I am especially interested in using YouTube. What if you have a fresh site and you direct traffic on it. Don’t you get banned if you put AdSense on it?


  • Thanks Sarah Nice Video and Good Info as Usual


  • Just tried that LSI tool but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    James Scholes

  • very strange the LSI tool is working fine on my PC and laptop.

    Try a diffident web browser

  • Hi
    I just tried out the SLI tool, its working fine. Just saved a lot of interesting keywords to file.
    I like it, will be using this tool a lot.
    Thanks for the link Sarah.
    Just a small point Sarah could you make the link open in a new tab, it takes anyone straight away from your page.


  • Hi Sarah,

    You receive exactly 68% of the amount as an adsense for content publisher.


  • Sarah, you are amazing! Your explanations are very clear and easily understood! Thank you for sharing your secrets!

  • Sarah,

    Very nicely done.

    Thanks for offering this series to us.


  • Hi Sarah,

    The LSI tool is fabulous. I never thought of incorporating other keywords into my articles (except for the one I was trying to rank for).

    I’m also in the midst of creating an authority site and this strategy will come in handy.

    Staying tuned for your follow up videos!


    Nettie Adena

  • Fantastic content as always Sarah — Thank you!

    One question — with Adsense sites, do you simply follow this process and create quality, original content and leave it at that and let the LSI content do the work, or do you spend time trying to build traffic to your pages with external articles, Youtube videos and all that other stuff?

  • Charlotte Yu, you’re correct the domain name tool has not been working today very frustrating I hope this is just a temporary matter I will look for an alternative and let you know what I find.

    If I can’t find an alternative i might get programmer to write a script that we can all use.

  • Patients patients Bob….. next week I’ll be covering getting traffic to your site and talking a little bit about a SEO.

    But you are correct authority sites sometimes don’t need very much SEO work at all, but some back links can bring in more traffic.

  • Would it be adequate for each keyword to appear twice in a 700 word article? If not, how many times do you recommend each KW be used? Thanks

  • I am interested in discussing your use of keywords.
    I assume your primary keyword is vw camper vans. And that
    this keyword should be used in an article from 2.0 – 3.0 percent.
    I went to the site lsi keywords to find secondary keywords to
    be used in my article to support the main keyword vw camper vans.
    The keywords I selected are:
    volkswagen camper van
    camper vans rent
    volkswagen campers

    So my article should contain these 4 keywords but my main
    keyword should appear 2.0 – 3.0 percent of the article total word count.
    When I list my keywords for the website home page it should
    appear like this
    vw camper vans, volkswagen camper van, camper vans rent, volkswagen campers
    with vw camper vans appearing first in the keywords section of a wp page in
    the keyword section.

  • Hey Sarah!
    Thank you very much for this great information!
    I like you the way you teach with direct approach
    with no fluff!
    Vincenzo R

  • Sarah, You are a STAR, as I am very impressed about website explaining
    about adsense,I am going to go through again and again to learn.
    How to go about having many many website.Thankoing you in anticipation.
    Shaikh R

  • Great video and love the LSI bit, also is a tool I have heard of called Web Content Studio which analyses your pages for LSI relevancy.


  • This video is very informative especially the LSI part. Thanks.

  • thanks Sarah

    good stuff, it really helps us newbies to find some one like you.
    that telles it like it is.


  • Thank you Sarah for the great content on your videos. I enjoyed them very much.

  • Hi Sarah, Thanks for the information.. I find Lsi keywords in Google itself. If you start typing a seed keyword in the Google search box of your browser, Google gives suggestions of relevant keywords.

    So if Google itself says these keywords are related to your seed keyword..Make sure to include these in your post!

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