How To Automate WordPress Installation

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  • Thanks for this video, Sarah, and for the tip at the London Lunch 🙂
    I bought Backup Buddy a couple of days ago and am about to do my first cloned review site. I’m very excited about this as it will save a lot of time.

    Great newsletter with great content!


  • This is brilliant Sarah! I love the new look newsletter too! Well done. This is really helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • thanks Sarah for this helpful video newsletter – good content

  • > Hi Sarah
    > Just while you are on the topic of WordPress, I have been wondering if it
    > was possible to market an ebook using a wordpress site.What I would like
    > to
    > know is,is it possible to have a download page where people can actually
    > download say, a 30page ebook?Thanks.Mary

  • The way i do this is to use a membership scrip on my blog, then you can protect premium content or download pages very easily.

    I have used Rapid Action Profits in the past but would only recommend using Rapid Action Profits if you are very technical. I had to hire someone to install it for me.

    Your best bet is a wordpress plugin called WishList, this is very easy to use and they have very good video tutorials.
    There is a good video all about the product here.

  • Thanks for a great post/video which was an eye-opener for me. I saw you were using wpunique plugin and was wondering if in your opinion it really is worth the investment.

    Thanks again.

  • i am still testing wpunique so far it look OK the pages are getting indexed in Google.

    One autoblog of mine has 800 pages in the google index. But you must realise that these types of plugins are blackhat and google might ban your site one day…

  • Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your prompt response.
    I would look into the membership site plugin but just in case I didn’t get the plug in,could one just create like a “success page ” where people could be directed to after paying via paypal?

  • Hi Sarah – what is the best way to set up and manage a subscription website? Can I realistically use WordPress for this? Do you offer mentoring / support service? Many thanks. Chris


  • You can get a Free copy of The YouTube Loophole & Clickbank Cash videos

  • Super chill,

    Thank You!

    And of course,

    U R Still AWESOME

  • Thanks for the reminder (blackhat). By the way I also saw you were using Platinum SEO plugin and wonder if you have looked at Greg’s High Performance SEO plugin (free), it adds (in my opinion) even more functionality as well as supporting any settings of legacy SEO plugins.
    Have a nice day.

  • Hi Sarah,

    This looks and sounds great. However, would you mind showing exactly how you make your review sites? I’m new to WP and the whole ‘plug-in’ technology and I want to learn. I like the idea of creating lots of review sites but I have to admit, I’m a bit baffled as to how to create them. Your help would be appreciated.


    PS – great videos by the way

  • At present I am not offering mentoring. However i am thinking about holding a 2 day Live workshop in London “How To Make Your First $100 A Day”

    I will also be video streaming the event live. Let me know if any of you are interested…

  • Hi Jenise

    My product Money Makers TV Shows you everything you need to know about WordPress and review sites + a lot more…

  • Hi Chris

    You asked “what is the best way to set up and manage a subscription website” I think your bet is WishList

  • Hi Sarah

    Nice video. One question though. Do you have experience with the Auto Blog Blueprint optimised install? I am asking this because I wanted to compare the ABB Install with BackupBuddy before I purchase BackupBuddy.


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