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The missing piece of the puzzle

When I first got started online I couldn’t understand why I was only making one or two sales a month? When I went to live events and seminars there seemed to be all sorts of people there who were selling hundreds of products a week!! What was I doing wrong?

In late 2008 I finally figured it out, I chatted to loads of successful people and I also chatted to loads of unsuccessful people and I very quickly realised what the missing piece of  the puzzle was.

Today I have made a video explaining exactly what I discovered and how I implemented this to make a full-time living online.



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Bonus Videos


I have decided to create a bonus for anyone who buys Martins Ezine Academy,

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I am just in the process of recording the videos  and will make this bonus available to anyone who buys Ezine Academy.

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing


Finding products to promote
At least 5 – 10
CB Engin Review

Setup a hosting account ( $7 a month)
Buy a domain name ( $10 )

Build a Blog ( wordpress free )
Setup a free Autoresponder account (free )
Imnica Mail

Create a free gift or use plr
Create an ecover $5

create a squeeze page ( Fiverr $5 or Optimizepress $97 ) OptimizePress Video Review