Free WordPress Plugin for embedding Videos

Sometimes I get software products developed just for my own use. One such product was my video embedding tool for WordPress.

I was getting sick and tired of having to go into the HTML code and insert my embed code every time I wanted to put videos on my site.

So I got a WordPress plug-in developed which massively simplifies the process of putting YouTube and Vimeo videos on any WordPress website.

This plug-in was developed purely for my own use and is not for sale but today I have decided to give everybody on my email list a free copy of this plug-in, no opt in needed.

I just made a quick video showing how to use the plugin,


Download Link For The Plugin >>>

Hope you find the plug-in useful, if you have any suggestions or improvements for my plugin please let me know.

Talk soon,


14 Responses to Free WordPress Plugin for embedding Videos

  • Sara thanks for your generosity and wisdom. My dream is contribute to others the same way people like you have benefited to us. Many thanks again in enabling others to make a difference while living their dreams. All the best!

  • I will post any updates on this site.

  • Thanks for sharing this helpful information with your email friens Sarah.

    Q. Can one use this plugin on any number of WP sites? Or is it
    applicable to a single site… just thinking ahead.

    Warm Regards… and have a great day!

  • Thank you Sarah for your kind gift to all of us, helping each of us to build our arsenal of tools and save us money!

  • You can use it on as many sites as you like.

  • Thanks Sarah, your amazing women!!

  • Thanks Sarah

  • thanks Sara
    does vimeo logo still show over the video?
    i mean can people click on vimeo logo and watch the video at vimeo instead of my website?

  • Thanks Sarah. Much appreciated. This plugin is an awesome tool.

  • Thank you Sarah for your video embedding plugin you’re a shining 5 ***** Staar marketer!

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