Adsense Is Dead

Every week I hear someone saying that Adsense is dead, you have  
probably heard the same. But let me tell you that although I  
don’t make a huge sum of money from Adsense I still make a few  
hundred dollars a month from Adsense, and by the way I don’t have  
hundreds of sites. Most of my revenue comes from only 4 sites !!

A friend of mine, Stephen Crooks  started a very popular thread  
on the Warrior Forum $100 a day Adsense challenge

The challenge was to create a WordPress blog from scratch that  
would make $100 a day in 3 months.

This was a tall order, he failed. By the end of the 3 months his  
blog was up to $20 a day, but hey that’s $680 a month !! Two  
months later his blog was up to $40 a day, not bad…

Stephen has put together a blueprint of his system, it is what I  
use for all my Adsense sites. It’s an easy way of generating a  
few hundred bucks a month on auto pilot.

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Complimentary Tickets (UK event)


Complimentary Tickets (UK event)



As some of you may know I run an Internet Video production company. Last night I filmed a seminar in London with former prime minister Tony Blair. He is still an excellent and inspiring speaker and a really nice guy, it was a real privilege to meet him. I will post a link to the video next week.


Next weekend I am filming an Internet marketing event “The Underground Info Millionaires Bootcamp” this looks like a very interesting event.


The event is:


The Tickets are normally £97 but for a limited time are available at * NO COST *

I’ll personally be at the event along with 12 of the Speakers.

The Speakers are from a broad range of backgrounds including Media, Internet Marketing, Property Investment and Personal Coaching.


Remember that there is absolutely No Cost to Attend.


Maybe see some of you there!

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