14 Days to Total Time Control By Martin Avis

14 Days to Total Time Control

Well, seeing as how so many of you seemed to like the previous thoughts about being focussed and getting things done I thought I would offer a few more thoughts just to round things off.

Well firstly, for those that are interested and in case you hadn’t noticed, what I have been talking about is really Time Management and how you can and should use that most precious resource of yours – your own time – to best effect.

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But for me the most important part of Time Management is how you use that scarcest resource you have, scarcer even than money, to achieve your own objectives.

Managing Time and those annoying interruptions that seem to take all day is fine, but you need to keep focussed on the Big Picture .

Like – where are you going with your life ?

What do you really want to achieve ?

Is money all you really want ? Once you’ve got it what then ?

Once you’ve got past the house, the fast car, the yacht, the holidays and got your golf handicap down – what then ?

Who are or could be or should be the really important people in your life ?

So the first step in Time Management is writing down what your goals and objectives are – yes write them down – and then stick them on the wall.

Next break them down into sub goals and easy steps – your route map to achieving your big goals.

Again write them down – stick them on the wall.

And now comes the really cunning part – whenever you feel bored, lacking enthusiasm, overloaded with minutiae and plain old cr*p – just look at the wall and ask yourself

“So what is the best use of my time right now ?”

and get on with it !!

It has worked just fine for me and it will work just fine for you….

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