The AdSense 100K Blueprint – My new year project

AdSense 100K Blueprint



Have A Look At The 100K Blueprint Now >>>

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14 Responses to The AdSense 100K Blueprint – My new year project

  • Iwould love to learn to learn how to perform good video marketing. I know how important it is to sell yoursef first to gain your audiencs confidendese in you personally. Will you give me a few pointers.I amgoing to atempt to market wholesale and refurbished product which my computer is by the way.

    Thank You,

    Mr. Ross C. Wilson

  • Dear Sara Staar! Hi,

    I watched YOUR 100K Blueprint in full & Liked it a lot
    YOUR 100K Blueprint seems Amazing, Marvelous & just Awesome.
    Google’s Adsense added the major Benefit to this Link,
    making it fantastic.
    We IM in Home Based Business would Love to have it.
    Let’s make it a Big Business on line.

  • Hello Sarah,
    I would really like to learn more on adsense so I do not get kicked out of the google adsense program. But right now I`m concentrating on building my first list.
    So I would like to see some lessons about building an email list.
    Thank You
    Roy A. Jones

  • I have been using and I would like to change to get a domain name use WordPress and start building a list but I still need some more training. Your explanations are very easy for me to understand thank you,

  • Hi Sarah

    Can you please do a video on YouTube keyword research to have a better chance of getting videos onto front page of Google for more traffic. I’m using the YT keyword tool but it works differently to Google Adwords keyword tool.

    Find it easy peasy to get Ezinearticles on the front pages of Google/Bing but not YT videos.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks


  • Hey Sarah, Another great video… I may have to buy 100k Blueprint – it does sound pretty good.
    I have been working on an authority type site and would like to see some hands on training… Here’s an example. My WP site is on generating online income. I have a few posts with hyperlinks to affiliate offers,ads linking to affiliate networks etc. I also have a hard drive full of PLR products that I would like to upload to this site but I am a little unsure specifically how to upload say an eBook with an entire set of pages (index, sales,download,thank you and product)etc. to this site… By specifics I mean; what files in Word Press need to be altered if any and visually how it’s done.
    Not sure how clear all of that was…Anyway that is the type of training I would like to see and I’m sure other subscribers would find a lot of value here also.
    Thanks B)

  • Hi Sarah, I would like to learn about various backlinking strategies, whether using software or doing it manually.


  • Still not mastered listbuilding. I need traffic to get the optins, and a decent, targetted giveaway….

  • Hi Sarah and welcome to the $100k Blueprint! I found your site via your introduction post on the forum.

    I’ve been a member for about a month and I’ve built two sites so far (well, they are ‘in-progress’. I look forward to your hearing about your success. I know we’d all welcome any additional techniques or tips you use to make the process even more successful. (Although Adam and Mike are extremely helpful to everyone on the forum.)

    Good luck to you with your New Year’s Project!


  • Hi Sarah, I would like to learn how to do professional videos lik you do

  • Hi Sarah,

    Great work, and great video! It’s always good to see when someone “gets it” in terms of what’s necessary to build successful businesses online – and even more so those like you who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

    I especially appreciated seeing your personal progression, from your ‘early days’ on up to what you’re doing now. Overall, I find your blog to be a really good resource; keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Michael Ullman
    Author, “Adsense $100k Blueprint”

  • Can you make video’s showing….
    Getting free traffic
    Building an email list
    and then marketing to that list.

    Thanks Jan

  • I am like you. I started to focus more on Adsense just this year and things are going OK. I am seeing some growth but I need a little extra and The 100K Blueprint seems to be just the thing. The research I have done on it make me think that it is the best Adsense course out there.

    Thanks, I think your video was just what I needed to push me to buy the course.

    Thanks again,


  • Currently it seems like Movable Type is the top
    blogging platform available right now. (from what
    I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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